Maryka Groenewald, Australian Christians Party State Director and 2025 Lead Candidate, has today raised significant concerns about the safety and efficacy of gender treatments for children in Perth Children’s Hospital.

Groenewald said, “The latest review from the NHS echoes our longstanding concerns: gender experiments on children are untested and fraught with risk,

“These revelations about the lack of solid evidence and potential health risks associated with gender treatments for under-18s demand immediate action from our leaders,

“Yet, the silence from both the Premier and the Opposition is deafening. It’s as if the wellbeing of our children has become a political inconvenience,

“The UK Government-commissioned Cass Review has laid bare the uncomfortable truth: we are gambling with our children’s futures on the basis of insufficient evidence,

“With findings highlighting serious risks to bone health and the shocking statistic that 70% of those who stop their so-called “gender-affirming care” did so due to realising their gender dysphoria was caused by “other issues”,

“It’s alarming that treatments potentially compromising mental health, cardio-metabolic health, and fertility are being administered without conclusive evidence of their benefits,

“The Australian Christians demand a full and complete halt on all gender experiments on children until a thorough investigation is conducted,

“This is why the Australian Christians are leading the call for a gender inquiry in Western Australia,

“We need to ask tough questions about what the Health Minister, Premier, and other officials knew about these treatments and when,

“In light of these findings, I call on all concerned Australians to stand with us in demanding transparency and accountability from our leaders.” Groenewald concluded.

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