Please help us protect and advance Christian values, freedoms and principles in our Australian Government.

Our Values

We can have the most impact when we pass laws to prevent the bad and promote the good.

    Families, albeit diverse, should be protected and strengthened, since they are the primary grouping in which the future generations are nurtured.


    Our policies seek to care for families and communities through best practice strategies in harm prevention, intervention and rehabilitation.


    Australian Christians support initiatives that grow local and small business. We value the contribution that our farmers make to this beautiful State.

    Australian Christians is a voice for the voiceless. We care about the plight of our local and global communities.


    Australian Christians believe we all have a responsibility to care for the environment we share and to mitigate environmental changes and pollution.


    We believe in freedom of religion and the attendant freedoms of expression, association and thought.


    Australian Christians aim to cultivate a culture where life is celebrated and treasured and where every individual is valued.

    We value our Aboriginal brothers and sisters. We aim to bring reconciliation and healing through open conversation and locally driven solutions.

Voting 1 for Australian Christians is never a wasted vote.

The Latest


"The State government will commit $37.2 million to support young people in care until the age of 21 Australian Christians have always supported a care system that properly prepares and equips children and young people to leave the care system at 21, not 18. WA State Director, Maryka, worked in child advocacy to improve outcomes and services for young people leaving care. “Having worked as a youth advisory officer for young people in care, I can see such value in the leaving age being extended to 21. In fact, much lobbying has taken place over the years to extend the age, it’s sad that it’s taken so long to action this. It would have reduced much anguish and mental health implications for young people who were simply not equipped to live independently. Kicking kids out of the care system at 18 is uncompassionate and poor policy”. Australian Christians will continue to fight for: - Sufficient educational programs for young people leaving care to ensure they are ready to live independently - Ongoing support hotline to assist young people with mental health and financial literacy queries A good policy outcome, read more at" Continue to support Australian Christian Policies:

WA State President and Treasurer, Trevor and Jacky, are supporting the Compassion Australia Coast to Coast Ride this year! They’ll be supporting the riders on behalf of Compassion with the hope of raising money for the Highly Vulnerable Children fund as well as seeing kids sponsored. You can support them ⬇️ Together, we can help offer a hope more powerful than poverty!


AC’s work continues between election cycles, and as we remain committed to standing for faith, family and freedom. As a political party, we do not qualify for public grants or funding. Your financial support is crucial to the functioning of our office, its staff, campaigns, and our MOMENTUM workshops. Please help us to be a beacon in the political arena. We need it more than ever. With your tax-deductible donations and support, we can continue to be a bold voice for values, and ensure Christians understand the importance of their vote. Every dollar counts DONATE TODAY!


Dear Lord, thank you for all Your goodness today. We want to take a moment to thank you for every blessing that we have. Your word reminds us today to rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is Your will. Let us be glad today, in Your name we pray. Amen.


Our mission at Australian Christians is to SUPPORT and STRENGTHEN our Christian heritage by promoting the Judeo-Christian ethic with pro-marriage, pro-family, pro-child, pro-moral and pro-life policies. Faith, Families and Freedoms are worth fighting for! Stand with us to create lasting change in our Nation and State. Become an Australian Christians Member at


New Senate president Sue Lines says she would like to see the longstanding tradition of reading the Lord’s Prayer at the start of each sitting day “gone”. There have been several unsuccessful attempts to change the standing orders to replace the prayers with a personal prayer or reflection, including by former Greens leader Bob Brown in 1997. As noted by Prof. Kevin Donnelly, “The words of the Lord’s Prayer are deeply profound and important; especially for politicians who have the responsibility to act morally and in the best interest of those they represent and the wider community they are dedicated to serve” ( Take action today and become an Australian Christian Member:


The City of Fremantle has put out a call for 'Drag Queens and Kings' to participate in a ‘All Ages Drag Show’. A Federal Parliamentary inquiry into the sexualisation of children reported that while individual events can be very problematic for children, it is the “…cumulative impact of all the material and information to which children are exposed…” that is having a very damaging effect on children’s mental health! Australian Christians will always DEFEND the innocence of our children. Request a template today and write to the City of Fremantle, expressing your concern!


To renew Australian Christians' registration as a political party in Western Australia, we must now provide signed forms in addition to a list of 550 names. The great news is we have 150 to go! All names must be members / supporters and on the electoral roll. Take action today and become an Australian Christian Member :


Today we pray that you will give courage and strength to families who are hurting at this time in our nation. Heavenly Father, help each family to trust you during this time. Help us to meet the needs and love those around us during these times. Let our hearts be strengthened as we come before you. In Jesus name, we pray. Amen #australianchristians #politics #christians #prayer #encouragement


There is nothing like Shalom House Perth WA! Peter and Amanda haven been tireless champions in this space for decades! Please consider lending a hand, and showing your support. Countless families’ lives have been changed and transformed through their work. Christian or not, the results are indisputable! In a world filled with addiction, family breakdown and trauma; Shalom House Perth WA is a shining light to those wanting REAL change and restoration! We’ll keep standing with you guys! 💪🏼🙏 Show your support below ⬇️


When it comes to the future of Australia, what’s important to you and your family? We need a Christian voice in Parliament to cut through the political noise and promote accountability and integrity in government. Australian Christians was formed in 2011 to be a bold voice for faith, families, and freedom. As a party, we always strive to model biblical values such as honesty and integrity, hope, respect, moral law, freedom, justice, and sacrifice in all we do. Support us and Become a Member TODAY! #australianchristians #australia


Did you know? One of the most striking takeaways from Australia’s 2021 census is the alarming rise in single parents families. We also have a generation of children who are growing up in increasingly violent households. Addiction and lack of access to sufficient support services amplify these issues. These findings further highlight the pressing need for Australian Christians’ MP’s who are passionate about families and wholeness. We cannot turn a blind eye to the plight around us. More at #australianchristians #politics #australiancensus #supportfamilies


"#RugbyLeague’s first ever inclusion game is so inclusive that it will include everyone… except #Christian players." Go figure. That’s the hypocrisy of the “equality” rhetoric! Australian Christians has, and will continue to defend freedom in its ENTIRETY; religion, speech and expression! #ausnews #auspol #identitypolitics #sports #religion #faith


PETITION DUE 3RD AUGUST – ACT TODAY. We call on Premier Mark McGowan to end the "State of Emergency Powers". “For more than two years, Premier McGowan has said, repeated, and insisted that his Government’s decisions are based on the advice of the Chief Health Officer. In a shocking revelation on 22 June 2022, the current Minister admitted that he had extended the declared “State of Emergency” on 12 occasions and had never once received a copy of the Chief Health Officer’s advice. This same Minister visited the United States of America in June 2022 at the cost of taxpayers to “promote” Western Australia; Premier McGowan and his Deputy Premier Roger Cook have visited six countries in seven months to convince tourists to visit Western Australia. These collective actions by the Premier and his Ministers demonstrate that extending the “State of Emergency” declarations is no longer reasonable or proportionate. Therefore, we ask the Legislative Council to urgently inquire into this matter to make a finding that Western Australia can no longer be reasonably considered to be in a “State of Emergency” and recommend that the Premier and his Ministers cease and desist from making any further extensions”. And your petitioners as in duty bound will ever pray. SIGN THE PETITION: Thank you @HonNickGoiranMLC


Great outcome and sanity prevails! 🎉 “The change has been made after a new phrase caused outrage among parents who felt the term was “alienating and derogatory’.”


Australian Christians believe in a tax system that supports families whilst alleviating cost of living pressures. Family income splitting allows a person to share their higher income with their lower/zero-income husband or wife, lowering the family's tax burden. You can support the implementation of these policies by standing with AC and VOTING 1 at State and Federal elections. : #australianchristians #christians #australia #australiapolitics


Absolute truth does exist!


Lord today we pray You will fill us with the knowledge of Your will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding. Help us to walk in a manner worthy and fully pleasing to You. Help us to be fruitful in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of Your ways. Guide our every step. Lead us in your righteousness and make our way straight. In Jesus name we pray. Amen


Australians share common core values, which whilst not unique to Australia, are expressed in our own unique way. Our society’s values are based on our Judeo-Christian heritage, which are ultimately outlined within the Bible. Australian Christians recognise this. We are unapologetic about basing our policies and core values upon this, our amazing heritage. Our aim is that each Australian, no matter how old or young, strong or frail, receives the very best protection and support and the opportunity to contribute to others in life-affirming ways. Have a look at Australian Christians Policies:


Science agrees. Thousands of studies spanning decades of research affirm the vital role of both a mother and a father in the socialisation of children. The witness of both Scripture and science is why Australian Christians are strongly committed to policies that strengthen families and protect the rights of children. Parenting is not a genderless endeavour. A child’s experience of parenting is always defined by a parent’s gender. It is a simple fact of life that mums and dads love differently, lead differently, and play with their children differently. Generally speaking, fathers represent the structured and disciplined aspects of life, while mothers represent care and nurture. We invite you to stand with Australian Christians for policies that protect biblical marriage, healthy parenting, and happy, flourishing children. Become a Member:

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the Australian Christians Party only for Christians?
2. Why is it important to have a Christian party in Parliament?
3. Doesn’t separation of Church and State mean Christians cannot be involved in politics?
4. "I do not want you forcing the Bible on me."
5. You are a small party — am I wasting my vote if I vote 1 for AC?
6. How do I know you’ll be different from other candidates who say they’re "Christian"?
7. How will AC represent me and my family?

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the Australian Christians Party only for Christians?
2. Why is it important to have a Christian party in Parliament?
3. Doesn’t Separation of Church and State mean Christians cannot be involved in politics?
4. “I do not want you forcing the bible on me”
5. You are a small party, am I wasting my vote if I vote 1 for AC?
6. How do I know you’ll be different from other candidates who say they’re ‘Christian’?
7. How will AC represent me and my family?


We are not just active during elections! Join us as an office volunteer, prayer walker or booth worker.

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