Shocking leaks of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) guidelines have unveiled a concerning lack of ethical and scientific integrity in the push for gender-affirming care, especially for minors and vulnerable young people.

Maryka Groenewald, WA State Director of the Australian Christians Party, today expressed her concerns over these procedures in Western Australia, currently provided by Perth Children’s Hospital under the supervision of the WA Department of Health.

“We’ve been aware for quite a while that procedures of this nature are experimental and pose significant risks to children. The recent disclosures from WPATH have made this even more evident,” The leaks simply spotlight issues that should have been addressed years ago‘ Mrs Groenewald remarked.

“It’s become clear that WPATH, a leading international organisation advocating for what they term ‘gender-affirming’ care for minors, has long been aware of the experimental nature and potential dangers these procedures entail.

“The concept of ‘gender-affirming care’, which aims to alter a person’s sex through pharmaceutical and surgical means, has been shown by the WPATH disclosures to be fraught with risks of irreversible damage and sterility.

“The revelations from WPATH not only demonstrate an acknowledgment of the potential harm these procedures can cause but also highlight a concerning stance that minors are being recommended for such life-altering surgeries despite an inability to provide informed consent.

“WPATH’s guidelines, which recommend merely a single referral from a ‘mental health professional’ for a minor to receive a mastectomy, and two for genital surgery, raise serious questions about the level of safeguarding in place for these children.

“It is unconscionable that children are being exposed to experimental procedures that could cause adverse negative health consequences for life all in the name of ideology.”

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