Late last month, Western Australia’s Liberal leader Libby Mettam announced that if her party wins office in next year’s election, they would ban the use of puberty blockers, cross-sex hormone treatments and surgical intervention for children under 16 years of age.

The announcement is a welcome one, of course. Children must be protected from these grotesque interventions at all costs.

However, as the only political party in Western Australia that has stood against child “gender medicine” from the beginning, we at the Australian Christians are left wondering why the Liberal Party is receiving all the credit for their eleventh-hour return to sanity. Many conservative organisations have waxed lyrical about the Liberals’ recent announcement. Sadly, they have never reported on AC’s long-standing opposition to the castration of kids.

As helpful as it was, the Cass Review wasn’t needed to know that drugging children and mutilating their bodies is causing more harm than good. Decades of research was already clear on this question — not to mention the recent WPATH Files scandal that went ignored by Australia’s major parties.

For years, AC has been leading from the front on this issue. In March, we sounded the alarm over what is taking place at Perth Children’s Hospital under the supervision of the WA Department of Health.

“We’ve been aware for quite a while that procedures of this nature are experimental and pose significant risks to children,” our WA State Director Maryka Groenewald said in a press release. “The recent disclosures from WPATH have made this even more evident. The leaks simply spotlight issues that should have been addressed years ago.”

“It is unconscionable that children are being exposed to experimental procedures that could cause adverse negative health consequences for life all in the name of ideology,” she added.

AC has also called for a formal parliamentary inquiry into these gender experiments on children, and we encourage you to sign our petition here.

While the WA Liberals have equivocated on so-called “gender-affirming care”, AC has been stalwart. From our founding, we have consistently fought for life, faith, families and freedom—values long neglected by every other party contesting the state election in 2025.

Here lies a warning for Christians and other principled Aussies wanting to make a difference at the ballot box next year. Don’t trust the major parties who drift with the political winds.

WA Liberal leader Libby Mettam fully endorsed the passage of Labor’s “abortion reforms” which are among the most radical anti-life legislation in the country. Ms Mettam also supported the Voice until national polling indicated the divisive referendum would be rejected by a majority of Australians.

Voters need to arm themselves with truth, not praise knee-jerk announcements from the major parties.

If you want leadership that turns on a dime and postures for the press, vote for one of the major parties. If, on the other hand, you care about truth and a principled stance for values that made Australia great and have stood the test of time, Vote 1 AC.

To reiterate a recent message from our State Director:

The revelations surrounding transitioning procedures on children and young people have highlighted the desperate need for a bold, common sense voice in Parliament.

On this front, there is good news! With the recent changes in the Legislative Council, our chances of being elected have significantly improved. I am passionate and optimistic about our chances to represent your values in Parliament in 2025. But, we can’t achieve this without a team effort.

Our commitment to advocate for the safety and wellbeing of our children and most vulnerable is unwavering. You can directly influence policy by helping AC be your voice in Parliament. 

Let’s make history together!

Mother and child


Take a stand against the inhumane treatment of babies and children. 

Thank you for becoming part of the solution.

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