Maryka Groenewald, State Director and lead Candidate for the Australian Christians Party has today raised serious concerns over Meta’s possible suppression of the party’s content.

Maryka Groenewald expressed, “We have substantial grounds to suspect that Meta (Facebook’s parent company) is actively suppressing our party’s voice on their platform,

“Our following surpasses that of the WA Liberal and WA Nationals combined, yet our performance is inexplicably lower, 

“When we sought clarity from Meta, we were initially informed our page was blocked, only to be later told it was a ‘mistake’ to ignore,

“This flip-flopping by Meta does not sit right with us, and we suspect there might be deliberate interference at play,

“We saw the release of Meta’s AI chatbot as an opportunity to test the company’s system for bias, and the results were worse than we could have ever imagined,

“Meta’s AI chatbot ranked our party as the least reasonable, most bigoted, most dangerous, and least worthy of the community’s support, among other worrying responses,

“This is a matter of public interest, where a potential bias by a powerful tech giant could be influencing political discourse,

“Our test of Meta’s AI seems to have confirmed our worst fears. What other conclusion can we draw other than explicit bias when Meta’s AI disparages our Party as hateful and extreme?

“Such actions by Meta could very well undermine the democratic process by skewing public perception against us,

“Meta owes the public a full explanation. The integrity of our political system is at stake, and such bias cannot be tolerated,

“If a global corporation can influence political engagement this way, immediate steps must be taken to address this issue,

“Transparency and fairness should be the pillars of any platform that claims to be a public square for ideas,

“It’s crucial for Australians to question the neutrality of these platforms, ensuring that our voices are heard without undue interference,

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