Our Core Values

“It is impossible to rightly govern the world without God and the Bible”

-President George Washington

Australians share common core values, which whilst not unique to Australia, are expressed in our own unique way. Our society’s values are based on our Judeo-Christian heritage, which are ultimately outlined within the Bible.

Australian Christians recognise this. We are unapologetic about basing our policies and core values upon this, our amazing heritage.

Our aim is that each Australian, no matter how old or young, strong or frail, receives the very best protection and support and the opportunity to contribute to others in life-affirming ways.

As the Australian christian party, we offer hope for Australia in terms of values of family , faith and freedom


Hope is the expectation that things will improve in the future. But for that to happen, Australians must make the right choices now. Wrong choices could harm everyone, from individuals to families to society. WE BELIEVE that if we all work together and do what is right, Australia will have a bright future.
We hold fast to moral law, because they are inherent in what is absolute good and absolute truth


All laws relate to issues of right and wrong and how people should live. Many Australian laws are drawn from our Judeo-Christian heritage, as contained in the Bible. WE BELIEVE that the purpose of the law is to ensure that we can live in peace and harmony, protect personal freedom and restrain behaviours that harm the community’s well-being.
We are the Australian political party that offers honesty and integrity - a community that has trust


Australians want to know the truth and deserve a party that will not cave to pressure or political correctness or spin but will speak honestly in order to achieve the best outcomes for all Australians. WE BELIEVE that the pursuit of truth is vitally important for our nation.
Our political party promotes freedom as a core value


In Australia we enjoy freedom of religion or belief, freedom of speech, freedom of association and many other precious freedoms. WE BELIEVE that these freedoms are vitally important and flow out of our mutual respect for one another. Some of these freedoms are under threat, and we will fight for the retention of these and other freedoms.
Personal commitment and sacrifice helps us to grow and value others


Personal commitment and sacrifice helps us to grow and value others. It helps to build a more caring and compassionate community. WE BELIEVE that everyone in our society should be committed to some level of personal sacrifice in order to develop social cohesion and unity.
We're the political party that offers respect to all Australians


Respect is an attitude of admiration for somebody or something. In a time when many of our institutions are under constant attack, we have respect for our government, judiciary, police, church and community leaders, and many others. WE BELIEVE that marriage, families and the intrinsic value of human life from its beginning to end, should also be respected and valued.
We believe and promote justice for all Australians


We value fairness and equity in the way people are treated and laws are made. This sense of justice is ultimately derived from the Bible, which teaches that every person is made in the “image and likeness” of God and is therefore precious. We are committed to legislation that is both right and just. WE BELIEVE in justice for all.
Mother and child


Take a stand against the inhumane treatment of babies and children. 

Thank you for becoming part of the solution.

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