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At the forefront of values based politics in Western AustraliaAustralian Christians is recognised as a distinguished Political Party in Western Australia, setting a new standard in the political landscape.

Our political party stands firmly on the foundation of strong moral and ethical principles, deeply rooted in Christian values. This commitment is not just a statement but our guiding force in every decision and policy we advocate.

Australian Christians attending the WA legislative council

In a time where politics often seems disconnected from everyday concerns, Australian Christians aims to bridge this gap.

We focus on bringing genuine care, compassion, and integrity back to the heart of political discourse and action in Western Australia.

Our goal is not only to participate in politics but to transform it, ensuring that the voices of all Western Australians are heard and valued.

Our approach to governance is holistic, addressing the diverse needs and aspirations of the Western Australian community.


By integrating Christian values into our policies, we strive to create a thriving and prosperous society.

This vision drives us to be more than just a political Party we are a movement dedicated to bringing about real, positive change in Western Australia.

Our vision for our country after Western Australia’s next election

Australian Christians is not just another Political Party in Western Australia; we are a vibrant community committed to uplifting every individual’s dignity, value, and well being.

Our vision transcends the traditional political agenda, aiming to significantly influence the political landscape of Western Australia. By integrating Christian values into our policies, we advocate for a prosperous, just and harmonious society.

We believe in fostering a culture where ethical governance and moral leadership shape a better future for all Western Australians.

One of WA’s most family focused political parties

In the diverse political arena of Western Australia, Australian Christians stands out as a Political Party with a unique approach. Our dedication to justice, integrity, and compassion is unwavering, driving every policy decision we make.

We firmly believe in representing the underrepresented, advocating tirelessly for the vulnerable, and providing a voice for those who often go unheard.

Our commitment to these principles distinguishes us as a Political Party in Western Australia that genuinely cares for the welfare of its people, not just the pursuit of political power.

Christian family

Our policies

As a prominent Political Party in Western Australia, Australian Christians is dedicated to addressing a broad spectrum of societal issues.

Our policy framework is comprehensive, covering critical areas such as education, healthcare, environmental conservation, and economic resilience.

We strive to ensure that our policies not only meet the immediate needs of Western Australians but also align with our enduring Christian heritage and values.

This alignment ensures that our governance is not just effective but also ethically grounded, promoting the overall welfare and prosperity of the state.

A political party in Western Australia committed to positive change

Joining Australian Christians means being part of a dynamic movement that is reshaping the Political Party scene in Western Australia. We invite you to contribute to a future where politics transcends mere governance.

With us, you become an integral part of creating a thriving, values driven community in Western Australia. Our commitment to positive change is unwavering, and together, we believe that we can bring about meaningful transformation in the political, social and moral fabric of our state. What is the political structure in WA? We explain it all.

What sets us apart from other Australian political parties

Values-Based Leadership: Australian Christians is a distinguished Political Party in Western Australia, committed to integrating Christian values and ethics into Australian politics.

Unique Approach: Our political party is unique in its dedication to justice, integrity, and compassion in every aspect of governance. When we attain a seat in government, we will continue to fight for these values and policies.

Comprehensive Policies: We focus on a broad range of societal issues including education, healthcare, environmental stewardship, and economic sustainability, all reflecting our Christian heritage and values.

Positive Change Advocates: As a Political Party in Western Australia, we are dedicated to creating a thriving, values-driven community and bringing about meaningful change.

Inclusive Community: We invite individuals to join our movement, contributing to a future where politics is more than just governance but a force for good in society.

Open Engagement: Australian Christians encourages open dialogue and participation, offering a platform for those seeking a moral and ethical voice in politics.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Australian Christians different from other political parties in Western Australia?

Australian Christians is distinct as a Political Party in Western Australia due to our unwavering commitment to Christian values. Our focus on life issues, families, freedom and compassion sets us apart, ensuring that our policies and are always aligned with moral principles. We aim to have a government which reflects Christian values.

How do Australian Christians’ policies benefit the wider community of Western Australia?

Our policies are designed with the welfare of all Western Australians in mind, addressing key areas like education, healthcare, environmental protection, and economic growth. By aligning these policies with our Christian values, we aim to create a more just and sustainable society.

Can non Christians support or join the Australian Christians party?

Yes! Australian Christians welcomes individuals from all backgrounds who share our vision for a morally and ethically driven Political Party in Western Australia. Our focus on values resonate with different communities.

What is the main goal of Australian Christians in the political arena?

Our main goal is to bring a strong moral and ethical voice to the political landscape of Western Australia, influencing policies and decisions to reflect Christian values and principles.

How can I get involved with Australian Christians?

Getting involved is easy. You can join as a member, volunteer in various campaigns, participate in community events, or simply stay informed by subscribing to our newsletter. Visit our ‘Get Involved’ section on the website for more details.

Does Australian Christians focus on issues beyond religious concerns?

Yes, while our foundation is in Christian values, we address a wide range of issues that are important to all Western Australians. This includes, but is not limited to, education, healthcare, environmental conservation, and economic stability, ensuring that our policies are inclusive and beneficial for the entire community.

Are you interested in learning more about Australian Christians, the distinctive Political Party in Western Australia?

Do you wish to support or join our cause?

Contact us today and become part of a political Party that’s dedicated to bringing Christian values to the forefront in Western Australian politics. Learn more about the major parties in Western Australia and how AC leads values based politics.

Our WA Political Party’s discussions on local matters

The Australian Christians Party, focusing on Western Australia, is a group that acknowledges the traditional owners and elders of the land and respects their cultural heritage. Committed to ethical governance, the party actively participates in the electoral process and aims to influence decision-making in the state. Our activities include engagement in local and state elections, with a keen interest in legislative council matters. As a party representing a significant section of the Australian electorate, we emphasise transparency, integrity, and accountability in all aspects of governance. We offer comprehensive information on our political policies, our leadership and activities, catering to the interests of the community and voters in Western Australia.

The Australian Christian Party is committed to a robust political structure, governance and government in Western Australia. This involves active participation in the Parliament and influencing decisions in both the Legislative Council and the Lower House.

We focus on shaping state policies through involvement in various government departments and committees. Our engagement extends to local government levels, ensuring our values are represented across all legislative acts.

The party also plays a critical role in the Assembly, advocating for Christian perspectives in the Upper House and the House of Representatives.

Voting, Elections and Policies in Western Australia

The Australian Christian Party actively engages in the electoral process, underscoring the importance of elections and the electoral system in Western Australia. Our commitment to democratic principles is reflected in our participation in voting processes, fielding candidates across various electorates.

We uphold the values of the party, maintaining strong party membership and representation. Our affiliations extend across a spectrum including the Nationals, Labor, the Coalition, the Greens, the Free Trade Party, and Labour.

The party respects the rich cultural heritage of the country, acknowledging the land, its elders, and custodians. We value the connection with Aboriginal and Islander communities, emphasising the importance of their culture and traditions in shaping a united Australia.

In its commitment to cultural and social acknowledgement, the Australian Christian Party recognises the deep connection to the country and land, especially acknowledging the elders, owners, and custodians of the land. The party respects and values the rich cultures and connections of the Aboriginal and Islander communities and acknowledges the importance of their heritage in shaping our nation.

In administrative and regulatory matters, the party upholds principles such as transparency, integrity, and fair access. The focus is on a thorough and ethical approach to legislation, involving the Electoral Commission and other regulatory bodies. The party ensures proper registration and application processes, emphasising responsible decision-making and the necessity of full disclosure in all aspects of governance.

Elections, Parliament & Government

The Australian Christian Party places great emphasis on political campaigning and representation, striving for a fair representation of seats in various electorates, districts, regions, and territories. The party works diligently to ensure that members and representatives reflect the community’s values and priorities. They focus on addressing malapportionment and advocate for a proportional representation system that fairly reflects voter preferences.

Regarding miscellaneous political elements, the Australian Christian Party encourages the public to visit the parliament website to stay informed about their history, practices, and vision. The party’s philosophy is rooted in Judeo-Christian ethics, shaping their aims, standards, and organisational structure. They emphasise the importance of authority and experience in their foundation and governance, with a deep reverence for the teachings and principles of the Bible.

In terms of issues and policy focus, the party has a strong commitment to environmental stewardship, emphasizing the conservation of waters and land, and advocating for effective recycling facilities and reduction of plastic waste. Economic policies include supporting businesses and rationalising payroll tax.

Social policies are guided by Christian principles, with stances on marriage equality, euthanasia, and abortions.

The party also prioritises education, advocating for a curriculum that aligns with their values, and supports health initiatives, including vaccination programmes and responsible labor employment practices in agriculture, especially addressing concerns about factory farming.

Our State: Western Australia (WA)

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