The core values of the Australian Christians Party often resonates with the heart of every Australian who cherishes the sanctity of life, the significance of family, and the paramount importance of freedom. Recently, however, we have seen these fundamental values dismissed by the leader of Queensland’s Liberal National Party (LNP), David Crisafulli.

A Disregard for Mainstream Family Concerns

Crisafulli’s recent statements have ignited concerns among those who advocate for mainstream family values.

His disregard for concerns about the radical LGBTIQA+ indoctrination of children, human rights for the unborn, and the prioritisation of the natural family in public policy is deeply unsettling.

His actions, including the unilateral dumping of an LNP party policy to review Queensland’s extreme abortion-to-birth laws, put the LNP in alignment with Labor and the Greens, disregarding the rights of unborn children and the ongoing gendercide against girls.

A Bias Against Conservative Views

While so called “moderates” in the LNP are given a platform to express their views on issues like abortion, euthanasia, and net zero policies, conservatives are stifled.

For instance, no action was taken against Shadow Attorney General Tim Nicholls when he claimed, despite contradicting evidence, that there was no harm in biological males who identify as women sharing women’s private spaces.

Ignoring Key Issues

Crisafulli’s dismissal of family values assumes that mainstream Australians and Queenslanders do not care about the welfare of children subjected to puberty blockers, cross sex hormones, and surgical procedures under Queensland’s “conversion therapy” laws. This blatant disregard for the potential harm to children is a stark contrast to the values of the Australian Christians party and many Australians.

Australian Christians Party: A Beacon for Family First Values

In the face of these dismissive actions by the LNP, the Australian Christians party continues to champion mainstream family values. We recognise the importance of these values to our society and the welfare of our children.

We stand firm in our commitment to uphold the rights of the unborn, to protect children from harmful indoctrination, and to ensure the natural family is prioritised in public policy.

The Australian Christians Party stands for freedom, faith, life, and family. We invite all Australians who share these values to join us in this endeavour, to ensure that the voices advocating for the sanctity of life, the importance of family, and the freedom of individuals are not silenced. Find out more about the AC Party.

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