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The Rudd/Gillard/Rudd term of office has seen the Labor Party declare war on fathers and the natural family in more ways than one. This Father’s Day will make history as the first Father’s Day immediately before an Australian Federal Election. Celebrating Father’s Day so close to an election will give fathers and their families the opportunity to reflect on Labor’s plan to perpetuate a fatherless Australia. 

Warwick Marsh, CEO of Dads4Kids, said, “One million Australian children live in a home without their biological father in the home. Most of this fatherlessness has occurred because of the accelerating levels of family breakdown and the anti-male bias within the Family Law Court and child support system. 

The original 2006 shared parenting reform, although a step in the right direction, did not go far enough. At the time Dads4Kids publicly raised their concerns with the Government of the day.
On Father’s Day 4 September 2011, the Gillard/Greens coalition gave Australian fathers the ‘Father’s Day Present from Hell’ with the rollback of the 2006 bipartisan shared parenting reform which had been endorsed by both Labor and Liberal parties. 

The 2011 family law reform rollback was the first time in the history of the parliament that Family Law Amendments had not been processed on a bipartisan basis. 

Over a number of decades tens of thousands of broken hearted fathers had committed suicide under the previous regime. 

To willingly wind back this very moderate reform, designed to allow children to have a reasonable relationship with both their mother and their father, was unthinkable.
Already, more children are once again being robbed of their fathers since this rollback began. How would you feel if your children were removed from you and taken to another country without recourse?
This is the story of Simon Ray who is organising the March for our Children in Hyde Park this Father’s Day. 
“We must speak up for the rights of Australia’s children to a mother and father.”
Mr Marsh continued, “Just when we thought that the Labor/Greens coalition couldn’t get any worse, the Labor Party introduced homosexual marriage on 3 December 2011 as its official party policy. 

This was A Dark Day for Australia’s Children. Then, during his first election debate, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd promised to introduce homosexual marriage within his first 100 days of office.
The introduction of homosexual marriage will effectively destroy a child’s biological right to a mother and a father and confirm the Labor Party as a political party totally committed to a fatherless Australia. 

This decision also confirms that the marriage of convenience between the Greens and the Labor Party has now been fully consummated and the two have become one. Labor and the Greens have now joined together in complete unity in their war against fathers and the rollback of shared parenting shows Rudd’s vision for a fatherless Australia is rapidly coming to pass. Family friendly voters, who love their children, beware!” 

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