Oct Wrap Up

The life of Dietrich Bonhoeffer inspires us that the church is the church when it is visible to others, not when it is shut up behind closed doors. “Christianity has its place in this world and the church as the Body of Christ, and the fellowship in him can only be the visible church”.

It is as important now, as it was in the 1930’s and 1940’s that the church be the light in a dark world. We take great encouragement from Victorian Kathy Clubb whose organisation has supported over 300 women, who wanted an alternative to abortion. Three hundred babies’ lives saved! What a glorious light we have the potential to be.

WA Parliamentary members in the coming weeks will also vote to amend the WA Surrogacy bill. This will allow surrogacy access to single men and same sex couples. Upper House Parliamentary members are the ones we need to write to, to express our concern that expanding surrogacy access, further commodifies women and children. Family Voice’s website have all you need to act now! There’s a link that will direct you to create a forwarding email to your members.
Fairfax Media somehow got hold of aspects of the Ruddock Review this week. In a cunning fashion, they managed to make the Ruddock Review all about the possible expulsion of gay children or teenagers from faith-based schools.

If this has ever happened in Australian history, then I am sure it would have been on the front page of every paper. But, of course, the left like to give weight to the non-issues. 

The whole purpose of the Ruddock Review is to discuss how we can protect faith from being discriminated against, in light of the ‘same-sex marriage’ survey. 

Yet the left continue to play the victim card, making the review all about ‘feelings’ and ‘rights’. As a Christian community, we invite you to pray with us that the review will uphold the right to express faith in this country.
I also want to encourage you, be informed about the upcoming Euthanasia Bill. Nick Goiran has tabled an extensive Minority report with accurate data and stories.

Do not be fooled. It is not the majority of Australians who want this. Margaret Somerville, Bioethicist from the University of Notre Dame in Sydney comments that through her research, 1 in 60 in Belgium do not know they are being euthanised and these anecdotal stories can be found online. In Belgium there are babies with terminal illnesses that have been euthanised, and babies with disabilities.

The Dutch Paediatric Society recommends all children should have access to euthanasia. It is not just elderly and vulnerable who are potentially at risk, but also infants. We are working closely with many groups to highlight the inadequacies of the current report and educate people on the facts. Care for Life has some excellent tools to assist you and your church to join the conversation – http://careforlife.net.au/
Australian Christians believe we are here for a reason, and so are YOU. It for such a time as this. Would you pray that Christians have great boldness and not be afraid to, in the words of Dietrich Bonhoeffer 
“suffer for what is right”, that our commitment to the truth of God’s word would be unchanging.

Maryka and the WA Team.


Please help us protect and advance Christian values, freedoms and principles in our Australian Government.


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Together We Can Make A Difference.
Together We Can Make A Difference.
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