Let’s amplify the voice of the unborn by making this the biggest petition yet. Nothing about WA’s abortion reforms are ‘modern’ or ‘good healthcare’.

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Friends, let’s use every opportunity to sign, promote and share this crucial petition and information regarding this Bill. Together we can be a force for good and remind Members of Parliament that being pro-life is not solely a religious issue – it’s one of humanity. From the moment of conception to the last breath, each moment in life is precious, deserving our respect and compassion.

The main amendments include:

  • Honouring Gender Equality from Conception: Striking a disturbing imbalance, certain communities witness 125 boys born for every 100 girls. This glaring discrepancy insinuates possible gender-based abortion practices, a grim affront to anyone valuing gender equality. Guided by South Australia’s 2021 law, we have the opportunity to bring our own WA legislation into a more equitable future, valuing every unborn child regardless of gender.
  • Guaranteeing Comprehensive Care for Every Newborn: Each life carries immense value. Observations of increased instances in such births in some states, necessitates that we guarantee equivalent medical attention or palliative care to these children, just as we would to a prematurely born infant. South Australia leads in this area, a precedent we should strive to incorporate into our legislation.
  • Mandatory Pain Relief for Post-13 Week Abortions: As we learn more about our world, medical knowledge progresses. While earlier beliefs held that foetal pain was felt at around 23 weeks, recent research suggests this might commence as early as 13 weeks. To uphold their dignity, we must mandate the provision of pain relief for post-13 week abortions.
  • Providing Comprehensive, Compassionate Abortion-Related Information: To ensure women can make truly informed decisions, they need access to all support mechanisms available. Therefore, it is essential that information on abortion also includes contacts for agencies providing emotional and financial support, allowing women to carry, deliver, and care for their children safely.
  • Preserving Medical Personnel’s Right to Conscientious Objection: Medical practitioners should not be forced into actions that conflict with their deeply held beliefs. Compelling a doctor to refer a patient for an abortion could infringe on their human rights, an infringement we must remain cognizant of.
  • Safeguarding Unborn Children Suspected of Potential Disabilities: An emotive issue, yet no less critical. We must ensure unborn babies, possibly having conditions like Down Syndrome, are not subject to prejudice. We should strive to never resemble Iceland, where almost no babies with Down Syndrome are born due to abortion practices.

No MP should have an issue with these amendments. Please join with us over the next month as we get ready. AC’s heart and mission is one of love, respect, and empathy. We’re not just protecting life; we’re affirming it – offering the compassion and support needed by these precious lives and their mothers. Rally with us for change, and let’s create movement that cherishes every stage of life, every heartbeat, every breath.

Mother and child


Take a stand against the inhumane treatment of babies and children. 

Thank you for becoming part of the solution.

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