The Australian Christians Party is proudly pro-life. Join with us to stand for life today.

A mother’s womb is an amazing place. There, in a warm and nutrient-rich environment, a little egg is fertilised. Around 40 weeks later a beautiful, fully-formed human comes forth.

No wonder so many parents use the word ‘miracle’ to describe the birth of their baby.

Life is so fragile during those first nine months, which is why the womb should be the safest place on earth.

Sadly, it is now one of the most deadly places on earth.

Statistics aggregators will tell you that the leading cause of death worldwide is heart disease, with some 18.5 million people dying from the condition in 2019. What you have to dig to find out is that far more people — 73 million unborn babies — lose their lives to abortion each year.

Approximately 80,000 of them would otherwise be raised by Australian parents. Yes, Australia aborts almost as many babies every year as the number of soldiers who died fighting for our nation in all wars combined.

At least 95 per cent of Australia’s abortions are performed for elective reasons — that is, not chosen for the reasons so often given in defence of abortion, such as sexual assault, fetal abnormality, or medical danger.

All these facts are a stark reminder to Australians that abortion is not just a Christian issue — it’s a human issue.

The Australian Christians stand for life. We care about vulnerable mothers who find themselves pregnant unexpectedly and need support. We also care about unborn babies who only have a 3-in-4 chance of survival due to the widespread practice of abortion today.

We love them both.

Why do we say that abortion is not just a Christian issue but a human one?

Modern science tells us that a pre-born baby can feel pain, hear his or her mother’s voice, and is able to survive outside the womb by the sixth month of pregnancy.

Consider that in Queensland — a state where abortion laws have been radically liberalised — a drunk driver who kills an unborn baby can still be charged for homicide.

Despite our nation’s lax approach to abortion, we still acknowledge that an unborn baby is a fully-fledged human who deserves the protection of the law.

Indeed, we must ask if other other human rights even matter if a person’s right to life isn’t first protected under the law?

Simone McGurk, Western Australia’s Women’s Interests Minister, has claimed:

Abortion is a fundamental part of women’s healthcare — it’s a right that should be fiercely protected. Safety, privacy, and dignity when accessing abortion is vital.

But what about the safety, privacy and dignity of the unborn? What about their right to life?

As the Australian Christians have previously reported:

Due to radical legislation passed in recent years, in Queensland, Victoria and the ACT, abortions can now take place right up to the moment of birth for any reason. Most states have no bans on partial birth abortions, and right around Australia, there is no legal protection for babies who are born in failed abortions: they are simply left to die.

Following the overturning of Roe, Australia is now an outlier. Our abortion laws are radical and embarrassing. Instead of a mother’s womb being the safest place on earth, in Australia especially it is now one of the most dangerous places to live.

Rightly did Gandhi say that “a nation’s greatness is measured by how it treats its weakest members”.

Please join with the Australian Christians in our stand for life. Let’s speak up for the little ones who have no voice.

Mother and child


Take a stand against the inhumane treatment of babies and children. 

Thank you for becoming part of the solution.

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