Who is Behind the West Australian Party?

Julie Matheson, a notable figure with a background in local government and community advocacy, founded the West Australian Party. Her leadership has been pivotal in directing the party’s policies and objectives. The West Australian Party was deregistered on 2 August 2023 according to Wikipedia.

Inclusion of Diverse Political Voices: The Role of the Australian Christians

In the context of diverse political voices in Western Australia, the role of smaller parties, including the Australian Christians, is significant.

The Australian Christians, a Political Party in Western Australia, offers a unique, God-centered perspective on political and social issues, contributing to a more comprehensive and representative political dialogue.

Their presence underscores the importance of diverse viewpoints in a democratic society, ensuring that a variety of interests and concerns are considered in the political process.


Parties like the Australian Christians underscore the value of varied perspectives in a democratic system.

A Wester Australian party like the Australian Christian Party ensures that the voices of different segments of the population, including those with specific regional or ideological interests, are heard and considered in shaping the political and social landscape of Western Australia.

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