In recent weeks, disturbing footage has been circulating on social media of a Dutch TV show exposing children to naked “queer” adults in an effort to normalise transgenderism.

A similar program in Canada, funded by taxpayers, sees children conduct sit-down conversations with “drag queens”. The children are visibly and admittedly uncomfortable with the experience.

Libraries across the Western world now routinely host Drag Queen Story Hour events. Parents are increasingly having to confront the leadership of their children’s schools for giving students free access to near-pornographic literature.

In short, in mainstream culture, there is now an undeniable push to sexualise young children.

The need for a Christian voice in the public square has never been more acute. This is why we invite your support for the Australian Christians. We will always champion the innocence of children and the rights of parents and families.

We believe that our role is not just to oppose the sexualisation of children but to cast a positive vision for human sexuality that centres on the natural family, biblical marriage as the God-designed place for sexual expression, and the right for children to be raised by both of their biological parents, wherever possible.

We also believe it is important for Christians to think deeply about our culture’s agenda to expose children to sexualised content.

Much of what we see taking place is actually not, first and foremost, about sex. It is about cultural revolution. As Christian commentator and podcaster Josh Daws has written:

The left doesn’t want to diddle kids. They want to create little revolutionaries. To do that they need to sever the bond between students and the parents they believe are raising their children to be hateful bigots.

Queer Theory is the ideology that animates these efforts. The aim of those who have embraced it, Daws argues, is “to radicalise schoolchildren, alienate them from their parents and the values of older generations, and recruit them as foot soldiers in the ongoing culture war”.

This theory is actually step two of a two-pronged strategy.

The first step is to convince children that the Western culture they grew up in is inherently evil — that they are recipients of enormous privilege that was stolen from others, and that they are complicit in historic and ongoing injustice. This ideology is known as Critical Race Theory.

Daws explains that Critical Race Theory fills children with shame and guilt, and “gives them a worldview at odds with the one their parents grew up with and are trying to pass on to their kids”. It also leaves them with a negative self-identity.

Once children have been taught that they are bad via Critical Race Theory, step one is complete.

Then along comes Queer Theory, which offers children a wide variety of “positive” self-identities to choose from:

Instead of living with the shame and guilt of being a member of the oppressive dominant culture, these students can be celebrated for coming out as gender non-binary or pansexual.

In an instant, these kids can trade their negative self-identity and all the accompanying guilt and shame of being an “oppressor” for a positive self-identity as a much-venerated “oppressed” minority.

Sadly, in many cases, all of this indoctrination takes place secretly, without parents’ knowledge. According to Daws:

The left desperately wants this new identity to stay at school so it has time to be cemented before the parents find out. In the guise of helping these students, schools withhold this information about their child’s new identity from mum and dad.

Once the parents do find out about their child’s new identity, it’s firmly in place and an adversarial relationship between the child and parents has been manufactured. It takes extraordinarily deft parenting to repair the relationship once it has reached this stage.

Of course, most teachers love the children in their care and want the best for them. Even many who teach Critical Race Theory and Queer Theory are motivated by empathy. But it is often the most empathetic teachers who fall for the radical agenda, unaware of its insidious aim, which is to turn impressionable children into little revolutionaries.

Daws concludes:

These are your kids we’re talking about. The left wants them. They would love to sever your bond with them. They think your appeals to childhood innocence are an attempt to force heteronormativity on them. Seriously. They write papers on it. It’s not a secret agenda.

The Australian Christians are a political party unashamedly promoting faith, family and freedom. We believe that strong families are the foundation of a healthy society, and we advocate for policies that support families and children. We will also continue to lobby for G-rated outdoor advertising.

Now that you have an inside look at the dark agenda to sexualise and radicalise children, would you join with us to cast a positive vision for sexuality, marriage, parenthood and family?

Mother and child


Take a stand against the inhumane treatment of babies and children. 

Thank you for becoming part of the solution.

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