Australia’s major political parties appear to be on a path to self-annihilation — another reminder of the crying need for minor parties like the Australian Christians. Join with us to elect capable, bold and committed MP’s who can defend our communities and families without the need to defend themselves against their own party! It’s time.

Moira Deeming is a rare shining light in the Victorian Liberal party. Newly elected to represent Melbourne’s Western Metropolitan Region in the state’s Upper House, Deeming is a wife, mother, former teacher, woman of faith, and a… neo-Nazi?

This is the way she has been portrayed by Australia’s chronically dishonest press. Lacking all spine and integrity, Liberal leader John Pesutto has run with the media’s smear and now plans to oust Deeming from the Victorian Parliamentary Party.

What are Moira’s crimes and her alleged links to the Fascist underworld?

She attended and addressed the Let Women Speak event over the weekend, which featured UK feminist Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull, also known as Posie Parker. The rally had the support of women and men from across the religious and political spectrums, and was aimed at preserving women’s rights, public spaces and sporting categories.

Unfortunately, a small rabble of uninvited guests hijacked the event. Masked, dressed in black and shouting slogans, it became clear the gatecrashers were neo-Nazis when they performed a Sieg Heil salute on the parliamentary steps. Despite the group’s aggressive tactics, police made no initial attempts to remove them and even appeared to deliberately let them in. As Deeming later wrote in a press release:

The event was very ably organised by Angela Jones, a left-wing, pro-gay rights Jewish woman, who liaised with Victoria Police to arrange a buffer zone between her event and any counter protestors.

“This is why I and the other attendees were horrified to see masked men all clad in black inside the buffer zone. We thought that we were going to be attacked. However, the police did not seem worried and were talking with them over at the edge of the line.

Later I saw the police seemingly usher these men right through the centre of the buffer zone in between our event and the counter protestors, which is when I saw those men raise their hands in a Hitler salute”.

Both Moira Deeming and Rosie Parker denounced the neo-Nazi gatecrashers as soon as they were made aware of the situation.

Posie Parker is left-leaning, being a former supporter of the UK’s Labour Party. She is now deliberately non-partisan in order to build broad support for her single-issue mission of women’s rights in the face of the trans movement agenda. Sadly, this means that her events are sometimes crashed by far-right figures, but there is no indication that Parker has any far-right sympathies.

All of this of course seems irrelevant to John Pesutto, who cares more about media narratives and walking in the shadow of the Victorian Premier who has been capitalising on the neo-Nazi incident ever since. In Pesutto’s desperate attempt to win media praise, he apparently referenced Posie Parker’s Wikipedia page which had been peppered with lies by online trolls. The hashtag #WikipediaPesutto has since been making the rounds, in mockery of the Liberal leader’s empty accusations. Fortunately, in recent days there has been pushback from within the Liberal party, with some members calling for Pesutto to step down from the party’s leadership.

As Stephanie Bastiaan of Women’s Forum Australia has written:

“Pesutto should have learned the lessons of Malcolm Turnbull. You can team up with the radical left and attack your colleagues for only so long. Once no one is left more offensive than you, then you’ll be next. No level of appeasement will disarm the radical left. They will always have another campaign, another social justice cause and another excuse for big government to tell us all what to do”.

Enough with the distractions! When did standing up for women’s rights and safety become politically unacceptable?

It is clear from the weekend’s furore that the major parties are utterly compromised by the woke agenda and running scared from the media’s lies instead of standing boldly for the truth. The party that should be holding the government to account is instead ensuring that Labor will stay in power for decades to come.

More than ever before, our nation needs small, honest minor parties like the Australian Christians. We believe that our faith calls us to be active and engaged in the political process, not cowering in fear to the powers that be.

Join with us in our commitment to advocate for policies that reflect our values of justice, compassion, integrity, and responsibility. Join with us to stand up for Australian women.

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