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Voting 1 for Australian Christians is never a wasted vote.
You can register for a postal Ballot this Federal election. Eligibility criteria is available on the AEC website.


Register for a Ballot from the Australian Electoral Commission
  • Once you are registered, the AEC will send you a postal Ballot for the House of Reps and Senate
  • Please note, you are NOT required to vote for any of the major parties if you receive one of their ‘voting packages’
  • You can request an AC How to Vote Card once you have registered for a postal vote, and AC will send you the direct link to our recommendations
  • Remember, YOU have the power to preference whoever you choose. You set the preferences, not the party. How to Vote Cards are simply recommendations
CLICK here to REGISTER for a Ballot from the AEC

Register with us so we can send you a how-to-vote card!
  • You can receive an AC How to Vote Card by email or text.
  • How to Vote Cards will also be available here.
  • Postal copies can be requested through the office on 08 9472 4332
  • By filling in the form, you give AC permission to send you an AC How to Vote Card and any additional election correspondence
CLICK here to REGISTER for an AC How To Vote Card

We Believe...

For Faith. For Family. For Freedom.

  1. Protection for Christian organisations and schools to operate according to their foundations and ethos
  2. Advocating for the most vulnerable - the orphan, the elderly, the homeless, the refugee and the unborn
  3. Holistic policy approach that promotes individual and family well-being, which includes adequate resourcing for mental health, relationship counselling, parenting and legal services
  4. Defending people’s right to freedoms of speech, choice, and conscience
  5. There is power in reconciliation. AC is committed to First Nations brothers and sisters to champion better education, health, and social outcomes
  6. Policy development that enforces greater accountability and transparency from elected officials and departments
  7. Promoting HOPE beyond COVID-19, by supporting tax relief that enable retirees, families, small businesses and enterprises to flourish
  8. Being good stewards of our precious environment
  9. Bolstering Defence Force capacity, including cyber security and online safety

Election Questions

Any other questions regarding the election?

You can enrol to vote, check and/or update your enrolment details.

If you’re unsure about your electorate due to recent boundary changes, go to

Remember it is compulsory to vote. Make yours count.

All AC’s How to Vote cards - availability TBA. Election is yet to be called.

Australian Christian Values Checklist

For more information, access other cards here


Please help us protect and advance Christian values, freedoms and principles in our Australian Government.


We are not just active during elections! Join us as an office volunteer, prayer walker or booth worker.

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Together We Can Make A Difference.
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