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Saturday July 2nd election saw more polling booth workers, more prayer support and, most importantly, more primary votes for Australian Christians candidates than ever before. Our federal election campaign focused on areas where we felt we could make the most difference, either through our own candidates or by helping other parties or candidates that share our values. 
Some highlights from the campaign included:
- Printing & distributing almost 500,000 how-to-vote cards across Victoria,WA & Qld 
- Manning polling booths in more electorates than ever before 
- Candidate videos viewed by almost 500,000 people across social media 
- Primary votes increased across the board with several candidates receiving double the previous elections vote.

Whilst the outcome of the senate count could be another 2-3 weeks away, our candidates in Victoria and WA are not yet out of the race.
Contrary to the spin from mainstream media, candidates for Pauline Hanson’s One Nation and the Nick Xenophon Team in WA and Victoria are unlikely to progress much further in the senate count. 

The small number of parties that recommended preferences toward them were conspicuous by their absence on polling day. With no booth volunteers handing out how-to-vote cards, voters were generally unaware of these preference recommendations. 

Consequently voters were likely to distribute their preferences randomly or to one of the major parties. Our candidates in Victoria and Western Australia were the beneficiaries of preference recommendations from the Liberal Party as well as several minor parties.
Congratulations to Malcolm Turnbull.
We are pleased with the outcome of the election, with the Liberal National coalition receiving just enough seats to govern in their own right; but the swing to minor parties should see BOTH major parties re-assess their position on re-defining marriage. 

As we prayerfully wait for the final Senate count we thank you again for your support of Australian Christians candidates through prayer, finances and by volunteering on the polling booths.


Please help us protect and advance Christian values, freedoms and principles in our Australian Government.


We are not just active during elections! Join us as an office volunteer, prayer walker or booth worker.

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Together We Can Make A Difference.
Together We Can Make A Difference.
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