Thank you!

We had an incredible weekend, honouring our election volunteers, prayer networks, candidates and members!

These volunteers have weathered the political storms with AC, and have remained so faithful and committed.

You are all so valued, and AC is grateful for your time and willingness in partnering with us as we get ready for 2025!

We also launched our Branches and Committees and you can join via our website at

Some encouraging stats!

✅ Given AC’s vote increase and changes to WA electoral laws, AC only need about 5300+- votes to meet a full quota of 2,67% to get an MP elected in 2025

✅ AC have doubled their federal vote since 2013

✅ We have tripled our membership in 6 years

✅ We gained 10,000 Senate votes and despite the swings and roundabouts of politics, we are increasing our reach every year!

✅ Consistency matters! We've got this!


Please help us protect and advance Christian values, freedoms and principles in our Australian Government.


We are not just active during elections! Join us as an office volunteer, prayer walker or booth worker.

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Together We Can Make A Difference.
Together We Can Make A Difference.
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