Families are the fundamental building block of society. As goes the family home, so goes the nation.

We at Australian Christians believe that God has ordained three institutions: the family, the Church and civil government, each with its own unique responsibilities, duties and authority.


In fact, as we state in our Mission and Beliefs:

We believe that the family, consisting of those individuals related by blood or marriage, is the foundational social unit of a nation. The family has primary responsibility for the welfare, education and property of its members. We believe that civil government must respect the sanctity of the family and its unique sphere of authority and should preserve and promote the optimum conditions in which the integrity of the family unit can be maintained and helped to flourish.

Issues like marriage, divorce, adoption, abortion, childcare, welfare, education and inheritance are of great consequence to the government because of the ripple effect they have on society as a whole.

In recent Australian history, debates have taken place on topics like same-sex marriage, surrogacy, children’s sex education, “gender affirming care” and parental authority that have totally neglected the integrity, centrality and authority of the family home.

In our misguided attempts to make the feelings and wishes of the individual sovereign, we have done great damage to families in our nation.

In the name of “love” and “equality”, babies are now brought into the world deliberately deprived of one of their two biological parents.

In the name of “progress” and “liberation”, children’s innocence is stolen as they are exposed to pornographic ideas and literature in the classroom and the school library.

In the name of “compassion” and “affirmation”, confused children and teens are given advice, drugs and even surgery that permanently damage their minds and bodies — in some cases, against the knowledge and wishes of their parents.

The family home cannot sustain assaults like these without wider society suffering great damage.

Australian society has suffered great damage as a result of so much misguided legislation in recent decades.

Australian Christians exists as a voice to right these wrongs.

We know that human beings are not islands. Individuals matter, but they only thrive in families. God has ordained the natural family unit — a father and a mother and their natural offspring (and in his redemptive grace, any adopted children) — as the very best place for each of us to thrive.

A strong and stable natural family:

Provides the most stable environment for people to grow and develop, learn social skills and norms, give and receive emotional support and a sense of belonging, and learn resilience to face life’s challenges.

Plays a pivotal role in the healthy development of children, providing them with love, guidance, and discipline necessary for their growth into responsible adults.

Serves as the primary agent for transmitting cultural, moral and spiritual values from one generation to the next, preserving the fabric of our societies.

Is the first stop for financial support and help during times of need, reducing reliance on welfare systems and contributing to a country’s overall economic stability.

Is strongly correlated with better physical and mental health outcomes, and is a powerful protective factor against delinquent behaviour and criminal activity, thus contributing to a safer society.

Inculcates cooperation, confidence and ambition, leading to higher levels of educational attainment, career success, and overall life satisfaction.

The idea that laws affecting families should be shaped by libertine tastes and be at the whim of individual desires is one of the most destructive lies ever foisted upon the Western world.

Australian Christians are here to say enough! Let’s protect our families, reform our laws, strengthen our society, and pass on to our children a better, happier and stronger Australia.

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Mother and child


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