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The Australian Christians‘ policies encourages respect and commitment towards our senior citizens; the pillars of our society who have dedicated their lives to shaping Western Australia into the prosperous and stable nation it is today.

Recognising their invaluable contributions, our policy framework is designed to ensure that older Australians receive the support, recognition, and dignity they deserve.

It’s Australian Christians promise to uphold the rights and welfare of our seniors, ensuring they continue to live with the respect, security and quality of life that is befitting of their profound contributions to our nation.

Recognising the Contribution of Senior Citizens

Australian Christians acknowledges the remarkable contributions made by our older Australians.

Their lifelong dedication, hard work, and wisdom have been instrumental in shaping our nation into a prosperous, stable, and enviable society.

They have not only contributed through their professional endeavours but also through volunteering, mentoring, and nurturing family values that form the bedrock of our community.

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It is these efforts, often unsung and uncelebrated, that have played a pivotal role in building the Western Australia we cherish today. Their legacy is evident in every facet of our society, from the strength of our economy to the richness of our cultural heritage.

Upholding Dignity and Support for the Elderly

As Australian Christians, we firmly believe in the importance of upholding the dignity and respect of our senior citizens as they advance in age. Recognising the challenges they face, be it physical health issues, mental health concerns, or social isolation, our commitment extends to ensuring they receive the highest level of care and support.

This includes not just healthcare and financial support, but also opportunities for social engagement and continued personal growth. We advocate for a society where our elders are not just cared for, but are also respected as valuable sources of knowledge, experience, and wisdom.

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Together, we can create a system that truly serves the best interests of Australian families.

Policies for Protecting Older Australians

Preserving the Integrity of the Aged Pension

In our commitment to protect the interests of our senior citizens, Australian Christians strongly opposes any amendments to the aged pension system that could adversely affect them. This includes resisting any initiatives that would utilise the family home’s value in assessing pension eligibility.

We understand that many older Australians live in homes that have significantly appreciated in value over time. It would be unfair to penalise them for residing in homes that have become more valuable due to market trends. Our policy is to ensure that these seniors are not coerced into selling their homes, which are not just assets but hold sentimental value and a lifetime of memories.

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Family Centred Economic Policies

We propose developing legislation across key areas such as taxation, transport, housing, education, and health with a focus on supporting rather than burdening our older citizens. Our advocacy is for legislation to be rigorously assessed for its impact on families, particularly those with elderly members. This family centred economic approach ensures that our seniors are not adversely affected by new policies and that their unique needs and circumstances are always considered.

Government Spending and Welfare for Senior Citizens

Recognising the challenges faced by the government in fiscal management, Australian Christians advocates for a reallocation of resources that prioritises the well being of families and senior citizens.

We propose that, before considering reductions in pension benefits, the government should look towards trimming its own bureaucratic expenses and corporate welfare schemes.

Our senior citizens, who have contributed to the nation’s growth through responsible tax payments and prudent financial management throughout their lives, should not be the first to experience the repercussions of budgetary constraints.

Reducing Cost of Living for Retirees

Reducing the cost of living for retirees is crucial. We aim to lower expenses that significantly impact seniors, such as council rates, and address the issue of double taxation, particularly in areas like GST and Stamp Duty on insurances. These steps will ensure that retirement incomes are more adequate for the rising costs of living, helping our elderly lead more comfortable and stress-free lives.

Pension Adjustments and Health Benefits

Australian Christians supports the idea of adjusting pensions using a Pension Price Index, tailored to the specific spending patterns of retirees, rather than the broader Consumer Price Index. This adjustment will more accurately reflect the actual cost increases faced by retirees. Additionally, extending benefits such as cash payments and discounts on certain products to senior Australians holding the Commonwealth Seniors Health Card, particularly those not receiving a pension, is a vital step in supporting our elderly. This targeted approach ensures that those most in need receive appropriate assistance.

Commitment to Legislative Development

Our commitment extends to developing comprehensive legislation in areas such as taxation, transport, housing, education and health to provide substantial support for our older citizens.

These measures are a testament to our unwavering dedication to honouring and assisting the senior members of our community, ensuring they are supported, respected and valued as integral members of our society.


The Australian Christians policy for Older Australians stands as a testament to our profound respect and gratitude towards the senior members of our society. We recognise that our older Australians are not just part of our history they are integral to our nation’s fabric, having laid the foundations for the prosperous and stable society we enjoy today.

Our commitment is rooted in the principle of giving back to those who have given so much.

We oppose any changes to the aged pension that would unfairly impact our seniors, especially those concerning the assessment of family homes.

Our policies are designed to safeguard the rights and dignities of our older citizens, ensuring they live their later years with the respect and security they deserve.

By advocating for family centred economic policies, we aim to create a society that supports our elders in all aspects  from healthcare and housing to taxation and transportation.

We recognise the necessity of a government that prioritises the well being of its senior citizens over bureaucratic excesses and corporate welfare.

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Moreover, our approach includes strategic adjustments to the pension system and the extension of health benefits, ensuring that our policies are tailored to the unique needs and challenges faced by older Australians.

We pledge to continue advocating for policies that uphold their dignity, enhance their quality of life and ensure they remain respected and valued members of our community.


Please help us protect and advance Christian values, freedoms and principles in our Australian Government.

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