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Some days we are abruptly awakened from our anaesthetized state with sobering realities. We are being so conditioned to hearing about Australian’s intolerance and racism that we continually watch every word and consider our motives for any negative portrayal of another person or position. 

But yesterday I was particularly struck down by a reality that doesn’t quite line up with the narrative being propagated in Australia. 

I hadn’t caught up with all the horrors around the world, and who can blame me as they are largely unreported in mainstream media and we must rely on wading through the endless emails saturating our life. I was sent a link where if I’d had the stomach for it, I could have watched the beating and burning alive of four university of Port Harcourt students stripped naked and ‘necklaced’ in Nigeria earlier this month. These were just young men, perhaps some of us might call them boys.
I couldn’t help wondering as we attend our ‘tolerance’ training in schools, universities and council meetings if the mainstream media overlook this regular brutality in OIC countries, because it just doesn’t fit that tolerance narrative. After all, ‘black on black’ atrocities can’t be racism. 

Had they been a white lynch mob, the whole world would have read about this appalling cruelty. The only religiously motivated hate crimes that are reported seem to be those perpetrated against Islam – so these poor guys had people watching and recording their execution without any offer of aid. 
The reality is, for those who care for it, that 75% of the victims of those crimes worldwide are actually Christians.
While Western nations apologize for an offensive airing of a cheap movie that mocks Islam, earlier this year Egyptian TV aired the slow beheading of a convert from Islam apparently carried out by Tunisians. 

Were there any protests at this ‘intolerance’; this abuse of human rights; this punishment that fits Australia’s revised definition of ‘racism’ that includes religion and gender? 

Why wasn’t this offensive? Are any governments boycotting the OIC nations and insisting on addressing this religious intolerance and abandonment of blasphemy and apostasy laws? 
Where are the politicians supporting minorities in Islamic nations?

Let’s get real. If racism now includes religious discrimination then a great many of these ‘black on black’ attacks must be called racist. Will our media start reporting the real religious intolerance and stop pretending that OIC nations have a ‘right to be respected’. 
Lets see the OIC Secretary General promote real tolerance in OIC nations rather than addressing Australia’s ‘intolerance’ for merely being concerned about the epidemic violence and plight of minorities in the Islamic world.


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