Christianity promotes a core value that family should be a sanctuary of love, understanding and support. Sadly, we have seen massive shifts over the last few decades. Life gets busy, and the pressures of create a tug of war between work commitments and family time.

Historical Reflection

Traditional Christian family values has long been regarded as the cornerstone of societal norms and personal ethics, weaving a fabric of moral principles that have guided individuals and families.

These values grounded in love, respect, compassion and understanding have acted as a compass, navigating families through the ebbs and flows of life fostering a sense of belonging among its members.

However as time marched on the familial landscape in Australia has changed, echoing the changes in modern societal norms and economic pressures that has swept across the nation. 

Economic pressures, notably the cost of living and housing affordability, began to weigh heavily on families compelling both parents into the workforce, thus reshaping the family structure and the allocation of roles within.

The ripple effects of these shifts are palpable as families grapple with finding a balance between adhering to age old Christian family values and adapting to the modern day demands of life in Australia.

The quest for a balanced life where family values are upheld amidst the economic and social pressures continues to be a focal point of discussion and reflection.

The Working Class Struggles of Putting Family First

The story of working-class families in Australia is a relatable one for many. It’s a tale characterised by financial struggles, the endless balancing act between work and family, and the desire for a secure and comfortable life.

The relentless rush to meet work demands, along with the chase for financial stability, often invades the precious moments that should be spent with family.

The pursuit of financial security, while motivated by the admirable goal of providing for the family, can sometimes overshadow the quality of family interactions.

Financial stress can also create tension, which might unintentionally filter into family relationships, sometimes leading to disagreements and causing family members to drift apart.

Additionally, the modern work environment, with its long hours and the expectation of being always available, further intensifies the challenge of finding quality time for the family.

This situation often leaves individuals caught between their work responsibilities and the deep desire to spend time with their loved ones.

Christian Teachings on Family

The Bible provides an abundance of teachings that celebrate the sanctity of family.

Verses such as Colossians 3:13-14, which encourages individuals to bear with and forgive one another, lay the groundwork for fostering a nurturing, supportive family environment.

These verses are not merely words but life lessons that instil the virtues of love, patience, tolerance and forgiveness – the hallmarks of a strong, bonded family.

Dad reading the bible to his kids.

Christian teachings extend beyond basic moral virtues, guiding the roles and responsibilities of parents, children and the broader family unit.

Parents are seen as shepherds to their children, guiding them through life’s journey with love, discipline and wisdom. Children on the other hand, are taught to honour and obey their parents fostering a relationship of respect and understanding.

Furthermore, Christianity emphasises the importance of extended family and the Christian community in nurturing a supportive, enriching environment for individuals to grow and thrive.

The collective effort of parents, siblings, grandparents and the church family in nurturing and upholding Christian values creates a sturdy foundation for individuals, anchoring them amidst the tempests of modern day life challenges.

The Bible’s emphasis on love, respect, forgiveness, support and understanding within the family unit resonates as a timeless guide.

How to Put Your Family First

In today’s modern day pressures, where work demands are never ending and the chase for financial stability seldom rests, choosing to put family at the forefront emerges is a deliberate act of love.

It’s a choice that resonates with Christian teachings, urging us to create a life where love, care, and family ties are nurtured and cherished.

Creating space in our lives for family is a testament to prioritising the priceless over the fleeting.

Engaging in heart to heart conversations, sharing the small and big moments, and simply being there for each other are the stitches that sew the fabric of a resilient, supportive family. Here are some practical steps to help in orchestrating this:

Dedicated Family Time:

Carve out slices of your day or week solely for family – be it bonding over meals, weekend outings, or nightly prayers.

These moments become the beats of your family rhythm.

Collective Activities:

Dive into activities that fuel collective joy and participation, like family game nights, outdoor escapades, or collaborative cooking endeavours. These shared experiences become stories, enriching your family tapestry.

Open Communication: Foster an environment where everyone feels at ease sharing their thoughts, concerns, and joys. This home culture of openness and understanding becomes the soil where trust and empathy grow.

Spiritual Growth Together:

Explore faith as a family, through shared prayer times, Bible studies, and church attendances. This shared spiritual journey becomes the light guiding your path.

These simple yet meaningful steps not only fortify family bonds but also instil a sense of belonging, understanding, and unwavering support, becoming your anchor through life’s storms.

Scripture Based Guidance

The scriptures are a treasure of wisdom on nurturing and honouring family relationships. For instance, Proverbs 22:6 beams a timeless light on the essence of guiding children with moral and spiritual virtues, a lesson that transcends generations.

The Bible is rich with teachings that underline the sanctity of family bonds and the sweet responsibilities nestled within them.

Parental Guidance: Through verses like Ephesians 6:4, parents are gently guided on nurturing their children with discipline and instruction, all rooted in love, forming the canopy of a loving home.

Mutual Respect and Love: Echoes of mutual respect and love resonate in verses like Ephesians 5:25 and Colossians 3:20, painting a picture of a harmonious family haven.

Support and Encouragement: Galatians 6:2 speaks of bearing each other’s burdens, mirroring the essence of support and encouragement within the family, forming the pillars of a supportive household.

Scriptural teachings act like a compass, offering direction and insight on fostering a family environment imbued with love, understanding, and support.

Make time to engage in heartfelt conversations with your family, explore scripture together, and let God’s wisdom guide your steps towards nurturing a home rich in love, faith, and support.

Through each intentional effort you make, you’ll experience the warmth and profound sense of belonging that comes with putting your family first.


Community and Church Support: Putting Family First

When you step into a local church or mingle with the broader Christian community, it’s like walking into an embrace.

It feels like an extended family, a place where you’re known, your joys celebrated, and your sorrows shared.


Family standing infront of a cross.

 This network is more than a social gathering; it’s a backbone supporting families in diverse ways:

Spiritual Guidance: Churches offer spiritual guidance, helping families wade through the modern day tide while keeping their Christian values at the helm. It’s not just about attending Sunday service; it’s about embracing and practising those values that bring solace amidst life’s storms.

Support Groups: The camaraderie found in church led support groups for parents, couples, and families is enriching. It’s where shared experiences offer opportunities for learning and support, forging a road of communal growth.

Educational Resources: The Christian community is a treasure trove of resources and educational materials honing the spiritual and moral growth of families. It’s a well of knowledge fostering a deeper understanding of faith and life’s struggles.

Social Interaction: The interactions within a community of like minded individuals spark a sense of belonging. It’s a mesh of support fostering a nurturing habitat for families to not just grow, but thrive.

This beautiful interplay between families and the Christian community yields a fertile ground where values are cherished, support is a heartbeat away, and the Christian ethos is lived out.

Nurturing Faith Within the Family

Daily Devotions: A ritual of daily devotions where the family unites to read scripture, reflect, and pray is akin to laying bricks of a fortress of spiritual nourishment.

Faith Discussions: Sparking conversations around faith, morals, and Christian teachings can kindle curiosity and understanding, forging a deeper bond with God and each other.

Christian Traditions: Celebrating Christian traditions and partaking in church activities as a family is a melody of identity and belonging echoing through generations.

Service and Outreach: Stepping together in acts of service, within the church or the broader community, is a lesson in compassion, empathy, and selflessness, painting a picture of the Christian call to love and serve.

Prayer: It’s the thread of prayer that weaves a family together in love and faith. Fostering a culture of prayer is like planting seeds of faith that blossom through trials and triumphs alike.


Final Thoughts

The Christian life is a lighthouse for families across Australia.

Christ’s promise is a journey of balance, fulfillment, and a deep sense of purpose amidst even the most difficult of times.

Embarking on this journey is like walking a path lit by the enduring glow of love, understanding, and support.

It’s a return to the core of family, cherishing the bonds that are a fountain of hope, resilience, and joy.

Christian family

Australian Christians value family, faith and freedom.

We encourage you to make the conscious steps toward lifestyle that celebrates family, nurtures faith, and knits a community of love and support. 

As you sail through the currents of modern day life, let this ethos of putting family first, rooted in Christian teachings, be your anchor and compass towards a harmonious, fulfilling, and spiritually enriched life.

Mother and child


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