After her first 100 first days in office, Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni is the most popular leader in the European Union, according to a new survey by Morning Consult.

The pro-family PM boasts a 53-per-cent approval rating and a net popularity of 11 per cent among Italian adults, making Meloni the highest-rated Italian head of state on record — and the world’s sixth most popular leader. She is also the first women to ever lead Italy.

By comparison, U.S. President Joe Biden has the approval of just 41 per cent of Americans, according to Morning Consult data.

As reported by Australian Christians in October, Giorgia Meloni was dishonestly mischaracterised by the legacy press as “dangerous”, a “far-right nationalist” and a “fascist”. (See this despicable CBS News report, for example). Her brilliant — and now famous — 2019 speech on traditional values was removed by YouTube for violating the woke platform’s “community guidelines”. Even Joe Biden bizarrely insinuated that her rise to power could threaten democratic elections in the United States.

The latest polling data on Meloni, however, is a powerful reminder to Australians that lies fade — and that values like faith, freedom and family are still highly esteemed in the post-Christian West.

Truth and traditional values — like those proudly fought for by Australian Christians — might be demonised by Big Media and Big Tech but they are timeless and sensible principles reflecting the heartfelt concerns of countless everyday people.

Indeed, the rising popularity of Giorgia Meloni is just one more reminder that voters Down Under need a unique and unashamed political party like Australian Christians.

Meloni’s popularity even caught the eye of British tabloid The Times in an article titled Called a danger, now Giorgia Meloni is EU’s most popular leader.  In the words of journalist Peter Conradi:

When Giorgia Meloni became Italy’s first female prime minister last October her harshest opponents presented her as a danger to her country and to Europe.

There were warnings that politicians within her Brothers of Italy party were too openly nostalgic for the days of Benito Mussolini, the fascist dictator. Battles with the European Union and the financial markets were anticipated over her economic plans. Critics speculated about how long a leader with little government experience could hold together a three-party coalition that includes two of her biggest rivals on the right.

“Instead,” he writes, “Meloni, 46, has emerged from her unexpectedly smooth first 100 days in office, completed last week, as the most popular leader in the EU.”

Meloni celebrated her first 100 days in office by posting a video to social media highlighting the unity, stability, security and fairness she has sought to foster in Italy. During her first term, the Italian PM has prioritised help for families, economic recovery, commitment to food security, strong borders and support for businesses.

She has also taken a far more liberal approach to COVID-19 than her predecessor Mario Draghi, lifting vaccination mandates, allowing vaccine-free healthcare workers to return to work, and cancelling all COVID-19 fines handed out under the previous government.

The legacy media did what it could to scuttle Giorgia Meloni’s leadership hopes last year but they were ultimately unsuccessful, and the people of Italy have had the last laugh. As Australian Christians wrote at the time of Meloni’s rise:

What the media apparently fears is Giorgia Meloni’s populism — and more specifically, her socially conservative values. In a time when the family unit is under attack, religious faith and national values are maligned as evil, and people are confused with lies about gender and sexuality, Meloni is willing to speak common-sense truths that were accepted by the vast majority until the late 2010s.

Those common-sense truths are now enjoying a resurgence in Italy and beyond. We invite you to join with Australian Christians in our stand for sensible values and common-sense truth in our nation.

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