Which Political Party is in Power in Western Australia?

The Australian Labor Party, under the leadership of Premier Roger Cook, holds power in Western Australia.



Historic Victory of the Australian Labor Party

The ALP’s ascent to power was cemented in the state elections held in March 2021. This election saw the Labor Party achieve a historic victory, obtaining a majority in the Western Australian Legislative Assembly, the lower house of the state’s Parliament. Winning 53 out of the 59 seats, this victory marked one of the most significant in the state’s political history.

Political Opposition and the Role of the Australian Christians

While the ALP enjoys a strong majority, the political landscape in WA features dynamic opposition from parties like the Liberal Party, the Nationals, and  Australian Christians.

The Australian Christians, though not yet holding significant power in the parliament, contribute to the diverse political discourse, representing a set of values and perspectives that enrich the democratic process in WA.



As Western Australia continues to evolve, understanding the political dynamics, including the roles of major parties like the ALP and smaller parties like the Australian Christians, is essential.

The presence of diverse political voices, including the Australian Christians, ensures a comprehensive democratic dialogue, integral to the state’s future.


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