One Good Day

Last weekend Michael and I experienced ‘One Good Day’ with David and Angela Armstrong, their family and the families they serve. These guys believe that every Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander should have ‘One Good Day’ – they are determined to make it happen.

We arrived at the Shalvey, NSW venue mid morning and were greeted by David’s daughter Elizabeth lapping up the sunshine while Bible College student Watson, was rocking on the verandah. The kettle had just boiled which is always welcoming and there were a couple of families sitting on the lawn. David and Angela were still out picking up families around the region and the church would start when everyone arrived.

David arrived first with his pick-ups, others arrived independently and finally Angela arrived with her final carload. There were lots of children, lots of noise, mums and aunties, and one aunty who stood out to me as a shining light; Aunty Margaret. She was in her seventies, beaming from ear to ear and carried a song in her heart. She was passionate about Jesus.
Church was in doors and some of the children on the didgeridoo were only just taller than their instrument. As Angela led the enthusiastic worship little hands were clapping boomerangs and sticks as accompaniments. 

David kept encouraging the boys to sing out, who were a bit more reticent than the girls. But as he said, they were the prayers. And with encouragement they came into their own following David in the prayers. 

An exhilarating service focused on engaging the children with Scriptures in song, was followed by lunch on the lawn. This was prepared by Angela and daughter Elizabeth, with clean up, pack up and delivery to homes still to follow. But it was ‘One Good Day’ for us all.
They can always do with more money of course, but more hands would make all the difference. If you want to learn more about ‘One Good Day’ checkout the messages on their website and perhaps consider if there’s any way you can lend a hand.
I asked Angela, “if you could have anything you needed to help, what would it be?” She said, ‘more hands’
David was convinced that if every church determined to help just two Aboriginal families, Australia might have a different story. Thanks for the ‘One Good Day’.


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Together We Can Make A Difference.
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