Maryka Groenewald

Maryke groenewald

Leading with Faith and Integrity

Maryka Groenewald is the WA State Director of the Australian Christians Party, standing firm in the ethos that a nation’s governance should resonate with Christian principles.

She takes inspiration from historical figures like President George Washington, believing that leadership is not just about policies but about upholding values that echo through the corridors of power and into communities.

Her work involves meticulous budget oversight, strategic membership drives and the implementation of systems that ensure the party’s integrity and effectiveness.

She has has been central to organising events and speaking forums that align with the Australian Christian Party’s  voice.

A Foundation in Community Development

With a solid educational background in Community Development and Politics, Maryka’s approach is grounded in theory and practice. She is a Murdoch University graduate her ongoing progress in a Certificate in Public Policy, further equips her with the tools to navigate the complexities of government and its intersection with community needs. This blend of education informs her hands on work with families and her ability to spearhead projects like the School Passport Program which has reached numerous communities across Australia.

Strategic Initiatives and Party Growth

Maryka’s strategic acumen shines through in her development of the ‘Momentum’ workshops, a platform for education and engagement on various topics crucial to community and political life.

Her foresight in steering the party’s social media strategy has expanded their digital footprint connecting with a broader audience and ensuring that the party’s  message is heard far and wide.

This digital engagement is complemented by her active role in researching and presenting reports to the State Committee analysing federal, state and local issues that matter to the electorate and crafting strategies that foster the party’s growth and community impact.

Advocacy in Action

Maryka’s impact within Prison Fellowship Australia illustrates her commitment to transformative work within the community.

Her role involved direct engagement with prison staff and the coordination of programs like Angel Tree which aimed to support and rehabilitate individuals in the correctional system. 

It is a hands on approach that reflects a deep understanding of the power of support and spiritual renewal in effecting change.

Australian Christians supporting NDIS

Championing Women and Community Voices

At the National Council of Women WA, Maryka took on the role of linking younger women to broader networks that include government and non government organisations. 

Her efforts in conducting public forums and  acting as a spokesperson on panels particularly on issues like human trafficking underline her commitment to amplifying the concerns and perspectives of women in the public domain.

Engaging with the Public Through Radio

Maryka Groenewald regularly engages with the public on various radio programs, where she discusses a wide range of topics that affect the community.

Her involvement ranges from unpacking the intricacies of local governance to addressing widespread social issues, demonstrating her commitment to keeping the lines of communication open with the public.

Authentic Leadership in Practice

The professional journey of Maryka Groenewald illustrates the profile of a leader deeply rooted in both strategy formulation and grassroots advocacy.

Her vigorous involvement in a spectrum of initiatives, whether it be in the educational domain or in championing societal shifts, solidifies her standing as an influential force within the Australian Christians party and beyond.

Her leadership style is marked by an attentive ear to community needs and a relentless pursuit to bring about substantial, positive changes to the lives of individuals. Above all, Maryka is steadfast in her commitment to the Christian faith and the light is offers the world.


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