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Australian Christians (AC) is devoted to delivering an education system that cultivates the best in children and young people. Oftentimes different educational settings suit different children and young people. Home schooling, Classical Education, private and public schools should all have a place in our educational landscape. Curriculum should focus on core subject areas and values based modules. Damaging ideologies that cause confusion have no place in our school settings. AC supports the right of religious schools to operate with their ethos. Christian schools should be afforded the right to employ staff that align with their values and teaching. 

Our vision stretches beyond the conventional academic landscape. We believe every young Australian deserves a welcoming learning environment that mirrors the familial values and traditions of a Christian ethos.

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    Australian Christians is committed to creating an educational setting that’s enriching and value driven making sure every child in Western Australia gets an education that’s well rounded and reflective of our community’s shared values and beliefs.

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    We invite you to join us in implementing these crucial reforms. Together, we can create a system that truly serves the best interests of Australian families.

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      AC’s Educational Blueprint:

    Creating fair and compassionate programs: Australian Christians are rolling up our sleeves to develop policy that enables the implementation of programs that nurture wellbeing across our school community. We believe certain programs like Safe Schools are not acting in the best interest of all students and schools.

    Empowering parents in school selection: It’s a simple belief – every parent should have a say in choosing a school that resonates with the beliefs, traditions, and values nurtured in their home. Our goal is to create an education framework that’s a mirror reflection of a familial and Christian ethos.

    Boosting private investment in school infrastructure: In sync with the views of Christian Schools Australia, we support the idea of designing tax incentives or schemes to attract private investment for improving school facilities across metro, regional and remote Australia.

    Protecting Religious Freedom: Freedom of association is important. We support the right of religious schools to choose students or staff that share the school’s ethos and values, creating a community of like minded individuals.

    Equal funding across sectors: It’s important that the funding between private and public schools is fair and equal without being influenced by biases. We’re advocating for a balanced funding system that meets the needs of all schools fairly.

    Consistency in National Curriculum Standards: We appreciate the uniformity the National Curriculum brings in setting standards across states. However we’re worried about its misuse for political purposes. We want a fairer curriculum development process led by an independent group of qualified people representing key stakeholders in education. This group should have a diverse representation from students, parents, teachers, universities and TAFE, employers and the government making sure the curriculum stays balanced, inclusive and accountable.

    Including Australia’s Christian Heritage: We’re remain committed to having Australia’s Christian heritage included in the National Curriculum recognising the roots and historical values of our community.

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    Join the Australian Christians Party in this effort for Australia’s youth. Your support can make a world of difference. Visit our Join Now page to find out how you can be part of this important cause.

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    Please help us protect and advance Christian values, freedoms and principles in our Australian Government.

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    Take a stand against the inhumane treatment of babies and children. 

    Thank you for becoming part of the solution.

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