As the 2022 federal election draws closer, followers of Jesus in Australia want to know which parties they can trust to best represent their values.

There’s no doubt that many minor parties will perform well this election season, given how lacklustre the majors have been on issues like religious liberty, abortion and medical freedom. But not all minor parties are created equal — and Christians should be wary about who they give their votes to.

By voting 1 for Australian Christians, you can be certain that all candidates — and the team supporting them — are people of prayer and integrity. AC holds firmly to the Bible’s teachings on marriage, family, children, morality, sexuality, life and freedom. (You can read our Mission Statement and Statement of Belief here).

In short, your vote for AC is a vote for a consistent, accountable, praying team whose Christian values are reflected in all that we do. Election season can also be a time of unease for Christians, with many wondering how faith and politics should relate to each other.

It is true that Jesus said nothing to his followers about seeking political office. Our mandate as Christians is to fulfill the Great Commission — to make disciples, to be salt and light, to share the gospel and the love of Christ.

But notice that Jesus never divided the world into “sacred” and “secular” spheres. He calls us to be salt and light in all aspects of life and human society. This includes politics. Shaping policy is an important way that Christians obey Jesus’ call to disciple the nations and teach them to obey everything He has commanded.

Australia is a truly blessed nation that has been founded on a Judeo-Christian heritage. Even the Australians who don’t follow Jesus benefit from — and believe in — a set of core values that spring from a biblical worldview. AC is not ashamed of these values or their Christian origins.

We believe in hope — the confident expectation that things will improve in the future. This depends on Australians making the right choices now so that, working together and doing what is right, Australia will have a bright future.

We believe in honesty and integrity. The pursuit of truth is vital for all people. We don’t want hypocrisy from our leaders — or political correctness, coercion, spin, and other forms of deception. Australians want and deserve leaders who speak honestly to achieve the best outcomes for everyone.

We believe in respect — an attitude of admiration towards people. This includes proper respect for our government, judiciary, police, church and community leaders, and respect for marriage, families, and the sanctity of every human life from beginning to end.

We believe in freedom. Freedom of religion, speech, conscience, association and countless other liberties are vital. Freedom flows from our mutual respect for each other. Freedoms currently under attack must be fought for and retained for the benefit of all.

We believe in moral law. All laws are an expression of right and wrong and how people should live. Many of Australia’s laws flow directly from the Bible’s morality. Whether moral or civil, the purpose of all laws is to restrain moral evil and promote community wellbeing.

We believe in sacrifice. When we practice personal commitment and sacrifice, we grow in character, we value others, and we build a more caring and compassionate community. We believe that it is good for everyone in our society to be committed to some level of personal sacrifice so that social cohesion and unity are promoted.

We believe in justice. People should be treated with fairness and equality before the law. This principle is derived from the Bible, which teaches that every person is precious because they are made in the image of God. We believe in justice for all, and are committed to legislation that is both right and just.

Read more about AC’s core values here.

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