The importance of upholding stewardship, freedom and transparency.

The Australian Christians Party are rooted in the principles of stewardship, freedom and transparency.

We recognise the inherent worth of every individual, irrespective of their race, ethnicity, religion, or background.

We are dedicated to the responsible care of our environment and the defending transparency in government and decision making. It is from this perspective that we voice our concerns about the new Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Act 2021.

AC understand and respect the significance of preserving and safeguarding Aboriginal cultural heritage.

It forms an integral part of our collective Australian identity and history, and it is our joint duty to ensure its preservation. However, we contend that the current legislation does not provide an effective means to this end.

Heritage Culture

The Act, as it currently stands, is an unwieldy legal instrument that poses a threat to private property rights and risks stifling our rural economy. It is laden with uncertainty, leaving landowners in a state of apprehension about what activities are exempt and what are not. The possibility of severe penalties, including imprisonment, for non-compliance exacerbates this anxiety. Furthermore, the Act places a significant bureaucratic load on landowners, who are required to hire Aboriginal consultants to secure permits for activities that might disturb more than 50 centimetres of soil. This not only imposes an additional financial burden on our farmers, miners, and developers — but it also paves the way for potential abuses and corruption.

We are deeply troubled by the absence of a transparent process in the enactment of this legislation. The Act was hastily passed through the state parliament without sufficient consultation with all stakeholders. This does not align with the principles we uphold as the Australian Christians Party, nor does it reflect our values of transparency, fairness, and respect for all voices.

As Christians we understand that all people of Australia, together with the indigenous community are responsible for protecting  the environment. We advocate for a balanced approach that safeguards Aboriginal cultural heritage while also facilitating economic activity. We are confident that it is possible to achieve both without compromising either. As Christians, we are guided by the commandment to love our neighbours as ourselves, and this includes our Aboriginal brothers and sisters, our farmers, our miners, our developers, and all who call Western Australia home.

Consequently, we, the Australian Christians Party in WA, are opposing this legislation in its current form. We are calling for a delay in its implementation to allow for further consultation with all stakeholders. We are championing a fair and economically viable outcome that respects the rights of all parties involved.

We are committed to collaborating with the government, Aboriginal organisations, landowners, and all stakeholders to find a solution that is fair, transparent, and respectful of all parties. We believe that through dialogue, understanding, and mutual respect, we can chart a path forward that honours our shared history, protects our cultural heritage, and fosters the continued growth and prosperity of our great state.

We extend an invitation to all Western Australians to join us in this endeavour. Together, we can ensure that our state remains a place of fairness, prosperity, and respect for all.

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