It’s open season on the failed policies of the COVID-19 era, with massive scandals erupting in the UK, the United States and Australia this week.

Over the last three harrowing years, the Australian Christians stood for a compassionate and common-sense response to the pandemic. We argued against coercive vaccine mandates, called for an end to lockdowns and stood up for truth and free speech.

This week’s COVID-19 revelations are yet another reminder of the importance of Australian Christians, an unashamed Christian party committed to being salt, light, and a voice for those often overlooked in the political process.

The biggest scandal of the week emerged from the UK, where a trove of 100,000 private WhatsApp messages between former health secretary Matt Hancock and his colleagues were leaked to The Telegraph. Dubbed the ‘Lockdown Files’, they reveal chaotic, arbitrary and inhumane decision making that was often based on unreliable data and political expediency.

In one message, Hancock told aides he wanted to “frighten the pants off everyone” to ensure compliance with COVID-19 restrictions. “Yep that’s what will get proper behaviour change,” the adviser replied, to which Hancock responded, “When do we deploy the new variant”. 

Hancock likewise discussed with his advisers how “pushing on vaccines” would be “the most politically beneficial thing” to do, and their way to “own the exit” from the harrowing lockdowns they had imposed on the nation.

The files also revealed that face masks were introduced in English schools only after Scotland did so under the leadership of Nicola Sturgeon. Then Prime Minister Boris Johnson was warned that he should do the same as it was “not worth and argument” with Sturgeon.

As Professors Carl Heneghan and Tom Jefferson wrote for the Daily Mail, even as the UK’s leaders “claimed to be ‘following the science’, they were gripped by dogma”. Doubtless there will be many more revelations from The Telegraph as journalists sift through thousands more messages.

Meanwhile in the United States, a House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic has exposed the conniving of NAIAD Director and Chief Medical Advisor to the President Dr Anthony Fauci.

In early 2020, Fauci received an email from a fellow doctor who said the “virus looks engineered, virus not consistent with evolutionary theory,” and one from another researcher who reportedly said, “I don’t know how this happens in nature, but it would be easy to do in a lab.” Then, as reported by the Washington Examiner:

Days later, the two colleagues — Drs. Robert Garry and Kristian Andersen — had a conference call with Fauci and wound up retracting their positions with an article in the scientific journal Nature Medicine that promoted the natural origin theory in April. Andersen’s lab was awarded an $8.9 million grant by Fauci’s agency.

Not only does it appear that Fauci rewarded these scientists with grant money to draft a paper that would skew available evidence to disprove the lab leak theory; he then cited that paper when addressing the American public, concealing the fact that he was the one to dishonestly commission it.

Among the scandals in Australia are and excess mortality rate that has risen to levels not seen since World War II, and the revelation that Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews used secret taxpayer-funded polling to decide whether to continue brutal Covid lockdowns while claiming he was acting on “health advice”.

In short, when it comes to COVID-19, leaders from major political parties have failed Western nations on every front.

At Australian Christians, we believe that our faith calls us to be active and engaged in the political process. We are committed to advocating for policies that reflect our values of justice, compassion, integrity, and responsibility.

We vow to hold our leaders to account, trusting that the truth on all these matters will eventually come out, and confident that we have a better vision to offer the Australian people.

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