Christians Under Persecution (CUP)

It is very pleasing to see a new initiative addressing the deeply disturbing and often savage persecution of Christians in many parts of the world.

Christians Under Persecution – CUP – is a new advocacy group offering a response to the gross injustice and deprivation of human rights perpetrated against so many Christians at this time. CUP founder, Frank Reale, says that

And this year Australia has a window of opportunity to do just that by drawing this matter to the attention of the world community of nations. 2014 will see Australia hold the chairmanship of the United Nations Security Council and also host The G20 Summit. 

These are both good opportunities for Australia to take a leadership role on this issue. 

CUP was established for the specific purpose of lobbying the Australian Government to alert the world to the acute need for strong action in the form of political, economical or other pressures to be applied to those nations not protecting or overlooking persecution of their Christian minorities.

“‘Australia, a nation with a Christian heritage which has underpinned its prosperity and well being, should be taking an active role in correcting this wrong"

CUP is arranging for large scale petitions both written and on-line, and for deputation to be made to Federal parliamentary members. The support of Coptic, Sudanese and other ethnic churches in major capital cities as well as Australian mainline churches will be enlisted. 

Most importantly, CUP is arranging for monthly prayer bulletins to be sent to churches to raise awareness of persecution, and the need for public prayer. A key point of the CUP advocacy action is to present a united Christian voice to the Australian Government. 
Australian Christians is supporting this work; 

You can print a copy of the petition by clicking here PETITION TO THE PARLIAMENT, 
OR sign an online partition here


Please help us protect and advance Christian values, freedoms and principles in our Australian Government.


We are not just active during elections! Join us as an office volunteer, prayer walker or booth worker.

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Together We Can Make A Difference.
Together We Can Make A Difference.
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