Wokeness has claimed yet another scalp in Australian politics.

Last week, first-term Victorian MP Moira Deeming was ingloriously expelled from the state’s parliamentary Liberal Party. Her crime? Supporting the Let Women Speak event back in March, which through no fault of her own was highjacked by neo-Nazi protesters.

In short, Moira has been punished for speaking up for women. Moreover, a band of malicious men have been taken to speak on her behalf, leading to her removal from the nation’s so-called “conservative” party!

Moira is a picture of courage — and to many, a national hero. But in reviewing her sorry saga, it is abundantly clear that Australia’s major political parties are no home for Christian values, Christian MPs, Christian women or even conservatives.

In a time when even the Liberals seemed have lost their conviction, people of faith must use their vote to back candidates whose words, actions, character, policies and political party are in full alignment. This is why the Australian Christians exist — and it is why we invite your wholehearted support.

At the centre of the Moira Deeming scandal is a glaring irony: it all began when she spoke at an event aimed at giving women a voice to defend their rights, spaces and sporting categories from invasion by biological males.

The event itself had broad support from women and men across political and religious divides. To be sure, it was organised by Angela Jones, a left-wing, pro-gay rights Jewish woman. And still unexplained is why Victoria Police made no initial attempts to remove the neo-Nazi gatecrashers and even apparently let them in.

With all of these facts in view, Moira Deeming was nonetheless labelled a “Nazi sympathiser” for her involvement in the event. Even many of Deeming’s own colleagues propped up the fake narrative peddled by activist-journalists, and called for her ousting. Worst of all, the witch hunt was led by Victoria’s Liberal Leader John Pesutto.

But Deeming was raised by a Holocaust survivor. She highlighted this fact during an impassioned speech in which she roundly condemned the Nazi ideology. As a result, Pesutto’s first bid to expel Deeming was unsuccessful.

Being a woman of fortitude, Deeming took legal action against Pesutto to clear her name of his malign accusations. She engaged renowned defamation lawyer Patrick George, who served the Leader of the Opposition with a defamation notice for his Nazi smear.

However, Deeming standing up for herself was too much for the Victorian Liberals. During a two-hour party room meeting last Friday, Deeming’s colleagues voted 19 to 11 to expel her from the parliamentary Liberal Party. She now represents Melbourne’s Western Metropolitan Region as an Independent Liberal.

Pesutto has indicated that even her membership of the broader Liberal Party is under consideration.

As Professor James Allan has aptly summarised:

If Pesutto and the bulk of the party room cannot see that they are on the wrong side of this dispute — in free speech terms, in terms of travelling down the ‘guilt by association’ road, in preferencing the transgender activists over women, by responding almost immediately in line with the lefty social media framing of issues … then it deserves to lose and lose badly.

Legal scholar Dr Augusto Zimmermann agrees:

Apparently, if you think that men and women are not fully interchangeable, that marriage is not open to any combination, and that killing babies in the womb is just plainly wrong, you will have no future in the Liberal Party of Victoria.

No doubt, many of Deeming’s colleagues who voted her out of the party won their seats by appealing to Christians and conservatives. How the mighty have fallen — and how the masses were deceived.

Enough of the charade. Vote for Christian MPs with Christian values and Christian character representing Christian parties. Vote one Australian Christians!

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