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#1 Candidate for Agricultural
Through his involvement in the landcare committee, as well as other organisations, Trevor has built an extensive network of contacts within the Agricultural region. Through these contacts he has developed a broad understanding of the issues facing electors within the region. Trevor is very involved and highly respected within the local community.


He has been a Shire Councillor since 2005, and was elected as Deputy Shire President in 2007. He has been involved in the Landcare Committee since 1986, acting in various roles (President, Secretary, and Treasurer) and also chaired the Wagin Woodanilling Landcare Zone Management Committee.

Trevor has previously stood as a candidate for the 2010 Senate election, and whilst failing to win a seat he was still in the running when the last senate seat was allocated. For the 2013 and 2017 State elections Trevor stood as the upper house candidate for Australian Christians in the Agricultural region and while failing to win a seat he was able to have a significant impact on the outcome. Within Australian Christians, Trevor has been a member of the state council since it’s formation, and he was elected to the role as WA President in June 2014.

Trevor is a university graduate, and previously worked as a Licensed Surveyor. He has been an active member of the CDP (now AC) for the past 12 years, and is currently WA President of the State Council.

Trevor is happily married to Jacky. Both Trevor and Jacky are actively involved in their communities – through prayer networks and church planting. They have raised 3 children, who are now married and they are the proud grandparents of six grandchildren. Trevor and Jacky have spent most of their married life owning and running a sheep and cereal farm.

He is passionate about ensuring that the Judeo Christian values that are the basis of Australian government and society are preserved and that our freedoms of belief and expression are not curtailed. He believes that all sectors of Australian society need to be valued and respected including regional Australia for it’s true worth.


#2 Candidate for Agricultural
Les Holten was born in Subiaco in the early 1950’s and lived during his early years in South Perth and Como. After completing Secondary Education studies at Kent Street Senior High School, Les completed a Bachelor of Science and Diploma of Education at the University of Western Australia as well as a Teachers’ Certificate and Diploma of Teaching at the Secondary Teachers College. Since 1974, Les has lived in the Wheatbelt, working as a Mathematics Teacher at Dalwallinu and Northam. On retirement in 2011, Les had been the Head of Mathematics at Northam Senior High School since 2000. Having lived in the agricultural area for over 40 years, Les has seen the struggles faced by rural communities through droughts, floods, hail and frost. Sadly, these trials have caused a rise in suicide, marriage breakdown and more recently, an explosion in drug dependency and mental health problems in rural communities.


Since retirement, Les has been actively involved in voluntary work at Bridgeley Church of Christ in Northam where he serves as a Church Elder and Management Committee member, Treasurer and Chaplain of Bridgeley Community Centre. Les has been married to Lucy since 1976 and apart from raising 3 wonderful children and delighting in 3 grandchildren, they have worked actively in their local Church and community ever since. He is therefore keen to work in addressing these and other problems faced by rural communities – in addition to promoting traditional values such as sanctity of life, marriages and secure families, responsible government and quality rural education. Les is keen to see struggling Churches in the greater Wheatbelt area supported and encouraged in the challenging times they are facing. Les grew up in an era where a Christian worldview was important, even for people with little or no Church affiliation. As a result, he is keen to promote a sense of hope to our society which is struggling with brokenness.


Candidate for Roe
Cathie Kelly (BA Hons.) has been involved in agriculture for almost all of her life. Cathie is campaigning for a revitalized Wheatbelt; where farms and country businesses flourish, towns grow in size and energy, and the vitality that our pioneers brought to country is restored. Cathie also wants to see our Indigenous communities recognized for their contribution the land. 


 She has worked as a teacher, chaplain and now helps to pastor her local congregation. Her involvement with shire council, P&C, political party state executive and various church committees at state level has seen her working with Indigenous leaders, chairing public meetings and dealing with local and state issues. Cathie's latest venture has been with the formation of the Wheatbelt Integrity Group (WIG), set up to promote a repopulated Wheatbelt through soil restoration farming, reducing debt through lowered inputs and addressing health and environmental issues. WIG was recently recognized by the Landcore Sustainability Award at the Regional Achievement and Community Awards, 2016.  She is married to Malcolm and has two children and five grandchildren.


Candidate for Central Wheatbelt
Dennis Pease grew up in Bullsbrook north of Perth (when Bullsbrook was still considered to be the country!), and has lived in Wyalkatchem in the Central Wheatbelt since 1972. He married his wife Glenda (a local girl) in 1976 (44 years ago) and they have 4 adult children and 14 grandchildren. Together they established a Radio Communications business based in Wyalkatchem and from there he has worked throughout most of the Wheatbelt installing and maintaining radio communication systems for Government, Local Government, farmers, and small business.


He has often travelled to remote areas of WA working for mining companies and Aboriginal communities and has twice been appointed Technical Director of Perth based Communications companies. In 1990 Dennis and Glenda purchased the Wyalkatchem Post Office (LPO) which they still operate. In 1999 they ventured into farming and still enjoy farming with their family. Dennis believes that living in the Wheatbelt of WA is a privilege, he has enjoyed playing cricket and football for Wyalkatchem and has also served as a Shire Councillor. 

It concerns Dennis to see so many of the freedoms that we have enjoyed for so long being eroded away in the name of “political correctness”. Governments are ignoring the importance of our Christian heritage and are turning away from God and from Godly values and principles. Australian Christians offer voters an opportunity to show their support for these foundational values. 

East Metropolitan


#1 Candidate for East Metropolitan
Maryka is a formidable leader and candidate. She started as an advocacy worker for children in care, lobbying the government for better service provision and support for children leaving State care. This led Maryka to community development where she worked with The Smith Family, and The Community Development Foundation. She was also the National Project Manager for a program she helped to develop, called the School Passport Program. 


The program was an engagement tool that increased volunteerism, attendance, and social cohesion in schools. Maryka has worked with over 3000 families across Western Australia, South Australia, and the Northern Territory. She also fostered invaluable networks with local businesses, organisations, and governments. 

Maryka remarked “Those were great times – travelling the Nation and seeing change – tangible change. We helped thousands of families through this Program, and my eyes were opened to the gaps in policy at a political level and what happens at a community level. Excessive red tape was a real hindrance”. Maryka has always viewed her faith as an asset and is a strong advocate for freedom of speech and expression . “We all have a particular worldview, mine has always encouraged me to serve and consider others first. I want to see our communities transformed through good policy – policy that keeps families healthy and thriving”. 

Maryka also worked and volunteered in prisons and detention centers. She believes strong communities stem from healthy families and good employment opportunities. She would like to see mental health services extended to support not only the individual – but to couples, families and the most vulnerable. “Familial stresses have a large impact on a person’s mental health. Most people cannot afford the counselling or psychology fees per session”. Australian Christians is the only party committed to putting your family’s interests first. Maryka has volunteered for various youth groups, The National Council of Women, detention centres, and various prisons. 

Maryka’s BA in Community Development and Politics combined with her extensive experience makes her the ideal representative for the people of East Metro. 

She is committed to serving its people, its interests and seeing the region grow from strength to strength. She has been AC WA’s State Director for over four years, leading all WA operations, and coordinating 6 elections. 

If you would like to help get Maryka elected, please contact the office to join her campaign team.


#2 Candidate for East Metropolitan
Jamie is representing Australian Christians because he believes it’s policies set it apart from every other minor or major party that will run in this year’s election. Jamie and his wife have been involved and members of Australian Christians for 18 years. Acknowledging the Christian values upon which Australia was founded, is beneficial for all Australians.


Jamie van Burgel is the #2 candidate for the East Metro area. Jamie has a strong, continuing relationship with the area, he has spent his entire life living within the electorate. He is a father to four children and a husband. Jamie is no stranger to politics, having been a candidate in four selections since 2010 for Canning and Armadale. Jamie believes that having a viable conservative option to vote for is important. Over the years, when Jamie is out spruiking politics, he is reminded of Don Randall’s advice, who initially helped him launch his political career. The advice was “You Talk, I’ll listen”. These values fit hand in hand with the Aussie way of life - giving everyone a ‘fair go’. Jamie is proud to be representing Australian Christians and what it stands for in 2021.


Candidate for Armadale
Arthur has always been keen to serve in the community. He has previously served nine years on the Armadale city council as a councillor. .


Arthur was born in Armadale and has been a lifelong resident of Armadale. Arthur and wife, Hilde, together raised their eight children. He believes that the family is the foundational social unit of a nation and that the civil government should preserve and promote the optimum conditions in which the integrity of the family unit can be maintained and helped to flourish. He is very thankful for the privilege of being taught by his parents to love God and one's neighbour and also to apply God's Word,the Bible, to all areas of life. 

Arthur has served as an elder in The Church for many years. Arthur is particularly passionate about supporting the poor and vulnerable, the disadvantaged youth, and the elderly. He has been actively involved in a group home for persons with disabilities, a restoration house for men, as well as several years as a youth leader. 

He has served on the local Armadale board of Dale cottages, as well as the Fairhaven retirement village. Arthur is committed to serving the community in which he lives. The Australian Christians have developed good policies based on good ethical and moral values which will be beneficial to all Australians. You can read them on the website. I look forward to representing all the people of Armadale in parliament. 


Candidate for Belmont

Nitasha is committed to serving the community and volunteers in schools in the East Metropolitan Area. She is passionate about mentoring children and youths and seeing lives changed & transformed. She is a lawyer and works in the health sector and is a strong advocate for the vulnerable and disadvantaged members of society. She stands for justice and her aim is to see families and communities thrive & flourish.



Candidate for Bassendean
Dean Powell grew up in Queensland where he completed a BAppSc degree in physics at Queensland Institute of Technology. Coming to Perth in 1970 he began a career in oil and gas exploration with West Australian Petroleum Pty Ltd (WAPET). Dean recognises the importance to our society of an unequivocal Christian presence in state parliament and is keen play a part in the efforts of Australians Christians in making that a reality.


That career is continuing and has seen Dean working mainly as an independent consultant on projects around Australia and in numerous overseas countries. Dean has been active in his local church during these past 50 years. In the Presbyterian Church he served as an elder, home group leader and Moderator of Presbyterian Church in WA. Since 2001 Dean has been a part of St Albans Anglican Church, Highgate, and currently serves as a Churchwarden and home group leader. In the wider church, Dean served as Tearfund’s WA representative for 13 years in the 1970s and 1980s. Dean has also served on the Board of the Swan Christian Education Association, filling the role of Chairman for 5 years. He has been married to Jeannine for 46 years. They have 4 married children and 16 grandchildren.


Candidate for Darling Range
Eric is a business owner who has lived in the area for over twelve years. "Being heavily involved in the renewable energy sectors with business interests in both waste to energy and resource recovery has shown me how much of our planet we are wasting - we are not being good stewards of the gift we have been entrusted with".


Eric is a family man, and has been married for 9 years and have been blessed with 4 young children. "Running my own business over the past four years has also made me aware of the excessive bureaucracy we face, and this must change. I am committed to fighting for business owners and our environment. "I'm not one for giving up or giving in, I believe in fighting for the what is right and fair". 
Eric is also passionate about standing up for Religious freedom, and wants healthy debate restored in our State. 


Candidate for Forrestfield 
Born in UK and educated in Australia. Semi retired but still working part time as a Rail coordinator. My interests are varied I enjoy AFL football and cricket, meeting with our church family on a regular occasion. I am passionate about people, and helping those around me! Standing for Families, Faith and Freedom is so important!




Candidate for Kalamunda
Brady has been serving the community as a volunteer scripture teacher in Lunch Time Clubs across government schools in WA. Brady is currently the Vice President and Membership Registrar for the Australian Association for Religious Education WA. 


He is passionate about teaching, and available full time to serve schools as endorsed by the Board of CREW Ministries Inc. CREW Ministries Inc. was set up to encourage recruitment and training of more volunteers to teach Scripture (now called Christian Values Education) in government schools, along with helping writing materials and organising training events to equip those involved in children’s ministry at schools, churches or in the community. 

Brady’s involvement on the Professional Teaching Council of WA provides a leadership and development role for the nurture and enhancement of all teaching departments in all school types in primary, secondary and tertiary education environments. Brady is married to Helen and has 4 adult children: Andrew is disabled and attends work and care programs. Ben, Abbey & Heloise all study/work/reside away from home.


Candidate for Maylands
Gaye is your passionate voice for Maylands. She has worked as a disability and nursing home carer. Gaye also holds qualifications in fashion design, theology and social services.


She has been an active volunteer in the community, supporting Victory Life’s community arm and the homeless at Eagles City Mission. Gaye wants to see homeless eradicated in Perth, and believes healthy, strong and resilient families are the key to a healthy community. She is also a passionate advocate against domestic violence, and supports increased funding for mental health and support services for women, children and men. Contact AC to join Gaye’s booth team –


Candidate for Midland
Ester works as a carer and has a heart for her community and the vulnerable. She is committed to serving the people of Midland and to be their voice for families, faith and our freedoms.  


Contact AC to join Ester's booth team –


Candidate for Mirrabooka
Dwight is the Director of Life Ministries and National President of Australian Christians. Dwight also serves as chairman for various organisations. Dwight is married to Sheila, who was employed as the head of the Arts Department at a large high school in Perth. Sheila continues to teach. They have four married daughters and sixteen grandchildren. Dwight is a personable, credible and honest man, who fights for family and Christian values in our society.


Contact AC to join Dwight's booth team –


Candidate for Morley
Alan has been a pastor for the last 18 years. He has been involved in pastoral care, counselling, hospital and prison visitation as well as serving in his local church. Alan is currently training, equipping, and teaching. He is committed to stand for Faith; and the freedom to express our values, for Family; the building blocks of our Nation, and Freedom; to worship, to speak, and debate freely. 


Contact AC to join Alan's team –


Candidate for Mount Lawley
Ellen Joubert is a speaker, trainer, coach and mentor in confidence building, leadership and style. She owned her own business for several years,. Ellen also had a successful career in media advertising for twelve years with numerous accolades. She has also worked in media as a Senior Advertising Executive and Trainer. In addition to her work experience she completed a diploma in management and diploma in human resources. She is currently a coach and mentor for women and children in building their self-confidence. Ellen has published several books.


Contact to join the team –


Candidate for Swan Hills
Magdeleen Strauss is a wife, mother and physiotherapist. She has lived in the region for the past 8 years, and loves the people and surrounds. Maggie was raised in a small country town, and moved to the City in her teens. She has helped many families in her role as a physiotherapist, and understands the challenges families face.


Having worked in private and public hospitals in the area, she has become increasingly passionate about the addressing the social, physical and mental wellbeing of her community. Healthcare should be accessible and affordable for all. Maggie believes human life is precious and it should be protected and valued. She also appreciates Australia’s Christian heritage and hopes to have the opportunity to represent the Swan Hills region, as a young, energetic and compassionate voice for all.


Candidate for Thornlie
Born and educated in France, Madeleine has lived most of her life in her adopted country of Australia where she studied, worked, and raised a family. Her areas of specific interest are Education, Family Welfare, and the Value of Christian Voices in Politics.


She holds a Master of Education degree and has worked as a Secondary teacher for over 40 years. Madeleine has been involved in Christian politics for the last 30 years, representing a Christian voice at State and local elections. 

Madeleine has a passion for good education where parents, schools, and community work together for the benefit of all children. She feels her own firsthand experience with families and young people together with Christian wisdom learnt over the years, have prepared her well to be a sensible voice for the well-being of families at a time where other influences are undermining the Judeo-Christian foundations of our nation. She authored a first book in 2019- Christian Drums in the Public Square- as an encouragement for Christians to engage in the public discourse of our nation. 

Madeleine has served in several church committees. She volunteers with her district Youth Care Association and serves as secretary for the WA Australian Christian Party.


Candidate for West Swan
Brian comes from a working class family, and immigrated with his family from the U.K to Perth in 1965. Serving an apprenticeship in Auto Electrical Engineering, he qualified and worked as a private business owner, and on the mines of Western Australia.


Having worked with people from all walks of life, Brian can relate to many community issues. He also has experience in coordinating and building sporting clubs and Leagues, along with managing events. Brian is an incredible organiser, teacher and communicator. He is passionate about children’s education, and securing help for struggling businesses and families. 

Brian will be a bold voice for Christian values in Parliament, one that spruiks Hope and Respect. 

Married and living in Swan View, Brian and his wife have 4 grown up married children and Grandchildren.

Mining and Pastoral


#1 Candidate for Mining and Pastoral
Mrs Jacky Young holds a Bachelor of Applied Science (Surveying). Jacky and her husband Trevor, spent most of their married life owning and managing a sheep and cereal farm. Both are respected members of their community.


Jacky has become increasingly concerned about the erosion of ethical and moral values in our society, as well as the decline in Christian and family values which have been honoured since the foundation of this nation. She believes that these have been sound building blocks contributing to the strength of this Nation. 

Married to Trevor with three adult children, Jacky is convinced that strong marriages make healthy families and she will work actively to ensure that no legislation introduced in Parliament disadvantages our West Australian families.


#2 Candidate for Mining and Pastoral
Ross has lived a decade in the Wheatbelt (Mukinbudin) as well as 5 years in Kalgoorlie & been a Legislative Assembly candidate for the Central Wheatbelt the Federal House of Representatives for the seat of Kalgoorlie. In Mukinbudin he worked in Christian education while he served as a Church pastor in Kalgoorlie. This has given him an appreciation of the educational & general social needs of our small agricultural towns as well an appreciation of the financial benefit of our mining industry - both areas needing greater support from our State Government. 


North Metropolitan


#1 Candidate for North Metropolitan
Louis has for many years worked in private, public and not-for-profit organisations, providing leadership and management primarily in finance, IT, systems and business management. He is aware of the current and ongoing demands and challenges to sustaining and growing business. Louis is also a credentialed pastor with over 35 years of ministry in WA.


He now serves in the role of Business Manager for Australian Christians. As a church pastor, he is passionate about people being authentically taught and fostered into life-changing hope and faith with application of biblical truths to everyday life. Over these years he has also volunteered in board member roles in many not-for-profit organisations with focuses on the homeless, elderly care, local P&C, residents association, as well as churches. 
He is very happily married to Shanthi with three adult children of whom he is proud. 


#2 Candidate for North Metropolitan
Neil Fearis is a commercial lawyer who has practised in London, Sydney and Perth for almost 40 years. His legal practice is focused principally on the mining and resources sector, acting for companies exploring for and producing a wide range of commodities, including gold, base metals, bulk commodities and hydrocarbons. 


Neil is a member of a number of professional bodies associated with commerce and the law and over the years he has been a director of a number of listed public companies, primarily though not exclusively in the resources sector. He is also past Chairman of Australians for Constitutional Monarchy (WA) Inc and the Australian-British Chamber of Commerce (WA Branch). In recent years Neil has undertaken extensive work, both as a company director and as a lawyer, in francophone Africa and has a working knowledge of French. Outside the business sphere Neil is Deputy Chairman of FamilyVoice Australia Inc, an organisation promoting Christian values in the public sphere, and worships at St Ninians and St Chad, Maylands, a parish of the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of the Southern Cross. He is a member of the Ordinariate’s Finance Council. Neil has lived in Western Australia for 37 years and has been married to Jasmin for over 38 years. They have three sons.


Candidate for Balcatta
My name is Rose Anderson, and I am originally from Ghana in West Africa, where I did my primary, secondary and tertiary education. I finished my Journalism studies, and became a member of the Women’s Sports Association of Ghana (WOSPAG) where we fought and supported women’s participation in sports. I worked with the Ghana News agency for seven years until my husband and I together with our two girls moved to South Africa and later to Zambia.


In Zambia I also became actively involved in the local church, reaching out to the vulnerable and serving those in need. In 2012, we relocated to Perth and we have been actively serving in our local church running a connect group, and leading service care and pastoral care groups. I am currently an Early Childhood Educator.


Candidate for Burns Beach
I have been involved in community and professional groups over the years including the Institution of Engineers and the Port Hedland Sobering-up Centre. My passion is for strong, stable families having the support they need to be a firm foundation for the community and Australia, for freedom of speech and safety in expressing your viewpoint, and the sanctity of all human life and the responsibility of the community to care for all people. Together with my wife, we have been fully committed church members for many years and been involved in all aspects of church life.


Born and educated in Sydney, I have lived in WA for the last 30 years, including 12 years in the Pilbara. I am married with 5 adult children and 4 grandchildren. While in the Pilbara we were emergency foster parents for children at risk. I have a degree in Civil Engineering and a Graduate Diploma in Education. I have worked for over 40 years in the rail industry both in NSW and WA. I have been involved with schools through being on school Boards of both public and private schools (primary and secondary), and through a short stint teaching mathematics in high school. I have owned and run 3 small businesses. 


Candidate for Butler
Born and raised in Perth, Katrina is keen to be a voice for a party whose values she believes in. Growing up in a Christian community, she volunteered in programs and outreaches, extending compassion and empathy towards others. She also cares for the environment and has a heart for providing for animals in need.


Her belief is that a community is built for connection and when people come together and accept one another there can be unity. She feels strongly that good values, ethics and morals should be a part of life and exist within Australia in every community and hopes to see this established and continued for generations to come. She believes in biblical principles and attributes of compassion, respect, empathy, kindness and lending a helping hand in the community through outreach programs for people of all ages.


Candidate for Churchlands




Candidate for Joondalup
Shanthi is a pastor, counsellor and education assistant. She has lived and worked in the local Joondalup community for over 25 years. Over these years she has volunteered and led various community programs involving family education and parenting. Shanthi upholds the importance of biblical values and convictions that help each person to feel that they have value and worth, which in turn enables them to navigate through the challenges of life. 


Shanthi’s passion is to help individuals to experience personal wholeness; for families to enjoy healthy relationships and connection; for children to feel loved and safe; for young people to receive opportunities to make a good start in life through on-the-job training and career opportunities; and for the elderly and isolated to have a quality of life. Shanthi also strongly believes that we need to do our part in looking after our environment. Shanthi has been happily married to Louis for over 35 years and they have three adult children.

South Metropolitan


#1 Candidate for South Metropolitan
Warnar is a lawyer with more than 20 years of experience in all areas of commercial litigation and dispute resolution. He is passionate about his Christian faith and seeks to conduct his practice consistent with these principles.  


After graduating from the University of Western Australia with a combined degree in Law and Science (Physics), he worked in an insurance litigation firm. before moving to Blake Dawson (now Ashurst) where he became a Senior Associate. Warnar was then a partner within Cornerstone Legal for 13 years prior to commencing Spyker Legal in May 2017. Warnar has acted for clients in almost every Court within Western Australia, including appearing in each of the Supreme Court, District Court, Magistrates Court, Federal Court and High Court. He also regularly appears at tribunals including WorkCover WA, the State Administrative Tribunal and the Industrial Relations Commission. Warnar has a keen understanding of the range of legal issues facing both corporate and individual clients. He is quick to identify which legal outcome is best suited to his client’s unique needs Known for his clear analysis and strategic vision, Warnar finds succinct and efficient ways of assisting his clients across a diverse range of legal practice areas. Warnar’s strength lies in negotiating tailored solutions to complex matters. 


#2 Candidate for South Metropolitan
Sylvia is in the final year of completing her Law degree. She is passionate about freedom of speech, justice and is committed to serving the voiceless and the vulnerable. She was born in Rwanda and has been living in Australia for fifteen years. She currently works as a customer service officer; advocating for families and the community.




Candidate for Bateman
Fiona is originally from New Zealand but now calls Western Australia home. 
She is passionate about Families and seeing them thrive. Family has always been her main priority. Fiona is a nurse and midwife. “My nursing and midwifery were a God sent. I worked part time in a variety of locations and continued to raise my children. I have always had a passion for people and love serving and caring for them. Nursing is still one of my great joys, and I sum up my life with the great WORDS of AMAZING GRACE”. She has 5 children, 1 daughter and 4 sons, and two beautiful granddaughters.  




Candidate for Bicton




Candidate for Cannington
Staer holds several qualifications in Science, Computer Technology and Applied Linguistics. He is involved in various community groups.


Mark is passionate about his faith and enjoys teaching scripture. “The Christian values of freedom, respect and human dignity are extended to every person, this is what the Australian Christian party stands for”. Contact AC to join Mark’s Booth team –


Candidate for Riverton
A Balladong, Wilman and Whadjuk Yorga borned in Subiaco and lives in Perth for 35 years. Dena is a proud wife of husband Garry for 20 years and a proud mother of 8 children and proud of both step-children and biological, 26 grandchildren and a beautiful great grandchild. Dena and husband are both the co-founders of Moorditj Keila Inc, a Aboriginal community center since 2004 and now a new calling with Ngaama Ministry for Young Aboriginal Leaders in Ministry. Dena is such a strong advocate for her community, and her aim is to empower the next generation.


The name Ngaama Ministries is a Noongar name meaning waterhole and the bible verse given is taken from the Bible verse John 4:14 “Whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give them will become in them a spring of water welling up to eternal life.” Dena graduated in 2000 with a Bachelor of Applied Science and Management. She is also currently Vice Deputy Chair of the Aboriginal Reference Group in the City of South Perth local council. In 2011 she was bestowed the Premier’s Australia Day Active Citizenship Award and the City of South Perth’s Citizen of the Year Award. Dena has worked with the East Metropolitan Health Unit for many years and has enjoyed working with her community to better their health outcomes. Dena has worked in sexual health with Family Planning WA. Dena was involved in the Curtin University Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Advisory Committee (CUATSIAC) which assisted the Vice-Chancellor in developing appropriate ways of responding effectively and sensitively to the educational needs and aspirations of Aboriginal people. The (CUATSIAC) committee guided the holistic approach to achieve educational equity while accommodating cultural difference and recognising socio-economic disadvantages. Dena is also an accomplished artist and She sees her art as an extension of her faith. Dena strives to impart life and blessing. Dena wants the healing power of God to be at the center of her art because “that is what He did for me.” 


Candidate for Jandakot
Marianne emigrated as a single mom, with two teenage sons from South Africa to Perth in 2008. She has worked in the South Metro region for the past five years, engaging with many families and children in her role as a Radiographer. Marianne understands the challenges single moms have to deal with. Marianne’s passion lies in advocating for strong family support networks and being a community voice for all vulnerable people. 


In 2014, she met Neels and remarried. Marianne has always been actively involved in all aspects of church life. Over the years, she has used her passion for the vulnerable to support individuals to rediscover their self-worth and build healthy relationships. She is passionate about the right of each child to feel loved and safe. Marianne enjoys the outdoor life and spending time with her grandchildren.


Candidate for Southern River

Gerard Spoelstra migrated from the Netherlands with his parents and sister to Tasmania at the age of five. He has made Western Australia his home since 1985 working in a technical capacity in the University sector, has recently retired. Gerard sees the urgency of having a Christian voice in parliament, as our society increasingly parts company with our historical Christian foundations.



Candidate for Victoria Park

Janine is a registered nurse, a mother of three and has been married for 34 years. She completed her training at Fremantle Hospital and worked briefly in Exmouth, before doing two years in Michigan. Janine shares Australian Christians' values and, if elected, she would continue to work to see assistance provided for mothers and seek to protect the unborn, and all who are weak, sick or vulnerable; and maintain justice, our religious freedom and our right to free speech. Treating others the way you want to be treated, is a golden rule she values. While Janine has worked primarily in general practice, she is concerned about our mental health system and would want to see changes to make every hospitalisation safe. She is concerned about the level of funding for Aged Care and the issues surrounding My Aged Care and NDIS. She has been very involved in her children’s education, as she helped start Foundation Christian College in Mandurah.


South West


#1 Candidate for South West
Laurence is the Deputy Principal of a Christian school and lives with his wife Johanna and their young daughter in the South West town of Capel.


He predominantly teaches in the lower secondary grades and is passionate about the role that education plays in preparing these students for a life of service to God and their neighbour. He has also worked extensively in curriculum development. Laurence is a passionate advocate for freedom of religion and freedom of speech, believing that Christian organisations which follow their mission faithfully have been an overwhelming force for good in Australia. He believes that democracy is best served by a public sphere where ideas can be openly debated and discussed, and that the institutional separation of church and state should not be used as an excuse to banish faith-based considerations from public debate. If elected as a Member of the Legislative Council, Laurence commits to supporting legislation which allows faith-based organisations to follow their mission, teach their values and have their ideas openly shared and debated. Having previous employment and volunteer experience with both WA Police and the Department of Fire and Emergency Services, Laurence is also committed to the proper resourcing of emergency services and community organisations, particularly in regional WA.


#2 Candidate for South West
Born and raised in Australia, Joan has lived in various states and Papua New Guinea. Joan has been involved in community outreach, ministry work, chaplaincy, public speaking and counselling. Joan lives in Australind with her husband, David, and although retired, is actively involved in her local church. They are also keen supporters of AC, Canberra declaration and the Australian Prayer Network. 


Joan holds several qualifications in counselling, theology, ministry and religious education. She also has a teaching diploma in teaching English as a foreign language. Joan has a passion for positive education -  where parents and the school community can work together for the benefit of children. She is also deeply concerned regarding the undermining of faith and family values in society. Joan is passionate about being a voice for justice, righteousness, freedom of speech and faith - these are values all Aussies can relate to.


Candidate for Albany
Ian 't Hart is a local Christian school teacher; born and raised in our beautiful city of Albany. He has a supportive family and has been married to his lovely wife for the past 20 years. They have been blessed with six children. He has been a church organist for 25 years and most of his children are classically trained musicians. He firmly believes in traditional family values. As member of Australian Christians and Candidate for Albany he would offer a strong conservative voice which aims to uphold the norms of the Bible. After completing a business certificate at TAFE, Ian has also set up and managed a paint retail business which he operated for 12 years. He truly appreciates the value of local business and farming to our local economy. As a mature-aged student, Ian completed his Bachelor of Education at Albany’s local universities (UWA and Curtin). He understands the true value of local higher education and would support more opportunities to connect higher education with job opportunities in the Albany region. Ian has a keen interest in health and physical fitness. He is a keen canoeist and cyclist and promotes healthy physical activity. He also supports safe, quality bicycle paths in our area; particularly to aid our school children. Voting Ian is an opportunity for strong representation, based on sound Christian values of respect, dedication and desire to serve and support growth in our region. 



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Together We Can Make A Difference.
Together We Can Make A Difference.
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