Aug-Sept Wrap Up.

AC August / September Wrap-up.
Keeping the main thing, the main thing – is so important to us here at Australian Christians. Keeping up the value for human life across Australia, for both genders, for babies, for the ill, for the elderly and the dying.

This past week we have met with the Honourable Nick Goiran regarding his minority report submitted with the End of Life Choices report from the WA Committee. 

We honour Mr Goiran for his relentless effort to be heard on the very important topic of euthanasia and assisted suicide. He was the only committee member to attend every sitting in the Committee, there is no doubting his commitment to this cause.

If there is no voice, there is no debate and Mr Goiran certainly made sure there would be a debate. 

The End of Life Choices Committee recommend euthanasia to the Western Australian Parliament and believe it is the most ‘compassionate’ thing to do.

Compassion to Australian Christians looks like the Government’s money better spent on filling the gaps in WA’s Palliative care. The End of Life Choices Committee even detail the lack of WA Palliative care resources, so it is time they are accountable to do something about it.
We endorse better palliative care for the elderly. Why would Australian Christians endorse euthanasia when not even the Australian Medical Association supports it?
Mr Goiran reports that the Committee wrote that all who are opposed to euthanasia “lack rigorous evidence” to support their argument. However he finds this laughable and responded by saying “Abuses are routine. This isn’t scare mongering, this (abuse) is where euthanasia has been present”. 
Who is at risk? The vulnerable, the chronically ill, the mentally ill, the lonely, the addicted and children.
We too share the same concern that, you can’t create freedom to take one’s life, and not put others at risk.
There are clear precedents for this internationally with Belgium euthanising 173 patients for non-terminal conditions – addiction, loneliness and despair. For Belgium to even allow children the decision-making capabilities when faced with a terminal illness, well this is just horrendous. 

In 1997 Oregon in the United States legalised euthanasia and 50% of the time, people have chosen euthanasia or assisted suicide because they perceive they are a ‘burden on their family’. There are many ways the Governments money could be put to use, to better support the families in need. 

To facilitate assisted suicide because they feel they are burden on their family, send a message to the elderly or ill that only the strong and independent have the right to live. Only 1 in 4 in Oregon are choosing assisted suicide as an option because of “inadequate pain control or concern about it”. 

The End of Life Choices want to be ‘compassionate’ to those in suffering, and yet only 1 in 4 statistically have inadequate pain relief. Assisted suicide is not the answer, better policies with better care is what will best compassionately serve those at the end of their life.

Why would WA politicians support a bill that opposes the Doctors code? The recommendation from the End of Life Choices Committee looks like the most liberal in the world. This is of a grave concern to Australian Christians and we cannot encourage you enough to write to your local member when the time comes. 

We encourage you to be informed regarding this topic, all the information on euthanasia abuse and misuse is available online, and whether it is euthanasia in the Northern territory or in the Netherlands, the information is out there. 

We have been encouraged this past week to hear the Prime Minister Scott Morrison speaking out on his Christian values, as he boldly commented there’s no place for gender indoctrination in schools. 

Followed up by the Federal Government launching their own respectful relationships curriculum, that is far from the Safe Schools Program and is actually age appropriate and… safe. 

We ask you to continue to pray for boldness upon the Prime Minister and great wisdom. Australian Christians continue to work towards the Federal Election and there could not be a more vital time to see bible-believing, men and women of faith, Christians on the ballot papers. 


 Maryka and the WA Team. 


Please help us protect and advance Christian values, freedoms and principles in our Australian Government.


We are not just active during elections! Join us as an office volunteer, prayer walker or booth worker.

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Together We Can Make A Difference.
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